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Disney made me delete the original ending of this video. Watch the new ending here:
- Vito -

Di$ney $tar War$
- Thomas Angelo -

0:35 err am I the only one bothered that the guy on the left is wearing Darth Tyranus’s clothes but has Kylo’s cross guard lightsaber? 😂
- C -

I enjoyed The Force Awakens but can't watch anymore as The Last Jedi was so bad. My only criticisms with TFA would be that no-one has had any story arc over the last 30 years. With the exception of Luke temporarily owning a Jedi Academy and Han and Leia having a kid. There's still an Empire, Leia, Threepio and Ackbar are still a rebels. Han, Chewie and presumably Lando are all still smugglers. No-one has learned anything since the last movies. That'll bum me out when I watch Return of The Jedi again, knowing that everything they do won't change anything major for the next 30 years
- NuncleG -

Oh yeah....
- How to Properly Clean Your Wood Computer -

Why is this video so true
- SkiingGun -

The gotcha! part earned you a new sub. Congratulations!
- DevastatorGaming -

That Rose Tico hair style is ugly and moronic
- Default User -

Instead of tossing the lightsaber over his shoulder nonchalantly, Luke should have looked at it for a second and then just let it fall to the ground. Then when Rey goes to pick it up, Luke says, "Leave it!'. That would have implied there was some reasoning behind his decision. Instead, he got a cheap laugh and the story of the weapon ended quickly. Instead, they immediately reduced Luke from a heavyweight to a cranky hermit.
- Thomas Hazlewood -

Writing by someone who actually knew how to write would have been good. I refuse to give these idiots another penny!!!
- Carolyn Kleinsorge -

Awesome points. I agree with pretty much everything. We keep seeing these things because we have hope they'll he better. There is sooo much money spent to make bad movies!!! P.S. I hated Rose too.
- Kel Green -

There are so many movies that really suck so badly. I cant believe how much they spend on them. helmet to gym class Nice.
- Kel Green -

"i need that d"

- Iverson Adajar -

Looks last words to kylo should have been

" I hope you'll do the right thing kid"
- Aidancallan2282 -

I hate Laura Dern. She was the worst part about Twin Peaks Season 3. I'm glad I never watched this garbage. Fuck you Disney.
P.S. The fight scene looks cheap. It just looks like a film studio.
- Cuthbert Bracegirdle -

whos the purple haired tranny?
- lasse maja -

The purple haired CHICK... wtf?
- k3digichaos -

It subverts our expectations? So EA made this movie?
- The Minty -

BTW, I love this video. I'm thinking it - you're saying it!!! Thank you!
- Steven Simonovic -

Honestly, it was worse than John Carter.
- Steven Simonovic -