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George lucas was a storyteller with a single vision and rebelled against the hollywood establishment. Disney bought his work becuase there was still an enormous fan base and they could profit from that, disneys motivations were monetary, where as george wanted to tell stories that kids could learn from. " LUMINOUS BEINGS ARE WE, NOT THIS CRUDE MATTER". Disneys new movies are made by corporate comittee and various artists with conflicting vision and motivations.
- andy. hello. -

....don’t forget, Palpatine, somehow, after years and years is coming back...sounds like episode IX will be crappy, too.
- Alfonso Nahuat -

If you don't like the new Star Wars movies......You are not a real Star Wars fan.
- Ray WhichWay -

JJ and mark shit all over Star Wars. What a irrelevant, pointless waist of time.
- Ben Ashley -

THE PROBLEM ARE THE REALISATOR OF THOSE FILMS ,THEY ONLY WANT TO MAKE QUICK CASH OUT OF GOOD OLDER MOVIES. [Exemple :Alice in wonderland? Men in black?]+ Its 2019 so we need to put WAY more womens in movie now.( not trying to be mean,sorry )
Like really in my shcool now teachers teachs you about story ,the beginning , middle and end of the movie or story. How to "transport" or create a movie out of a book and all. Most of 2019 movies are getting really bad

sorry grammar
- Cosmic Draconian -

I agree, it's the worst of all.
speaking from general plot's perspective. SW was supposed to be technologically far advanced of our present time ie laser blasters etc.
In the Last Jedi, they have :
1) regressed to manually flying whatever those slow flying bombing crafts to drop dumb bombs onto that big bad ship ( I don't even know that name of the ship - don't care to know). Are we back to War War I status of dumb bomb drops?
2) the big bad ships lobs missiles at the rebel's mother ship - granted rebel's mother ship has some sort of (advanced fore shield) to protect her. Missiles, that's WW II and present technologies. Why ? The point of laser like weapons is to shoot destructive energy without all the hardware like Missiles and bombs.
3) is that big bad ship large enough to generate enough external gravity so the rebels can drop dumb bombs onto her?
4) perhaps I'm not too keen on details but, wouldn't the big bad ship have some sort of "force field" to keep bombers from getting close up to to her?

All said, super stupid plots full of holes, written by uncreative writer who's out of new ideas and now have to regress back to olden time technologies.

Dumb and dumber - oops, that a title for another film that I didn't see.
- spondyful -

Honestly the entire rebel fleet chase arc was a joke. It belongs in an episode of the clone wars - which is a thousand times better than this crap. I'm just making the comparison that the whole plot of the movie felt like a very long episode of a tv series not a space adventure epic that should be Star Wars, ffs it's Star Wars. I hope they let this story arc die, get a decent director and start an Old Republic movie arc where they don't have to think of crappy stories...
- Dimityr Vladimirov -

One of the things I absolutely despise about Disney's star wars is the new age comedy shit!!! It doesn't belong in star wars!!!!!
- ManBearPig -

Pure shit lel,gg Disney!!!Its for under 16years schoolgirls,such a huge crap this movie is!
- Sylas84 -

...but GOTCHA
- evanisovich -

One of the articles from those wannabe intelligent idiots reads: the rejection of entitlement, but... what? Rey is extremely entitled, she literally Mary sued her way through every movie made so far. Hell, every major resist member literally bleeds entitlement. HELL!!! even the authors of these stupid articles are the definition of entitlement.
- #10b61Z5 NPC -

Oooh nothing better then the smell of incels complaining
- Philipp Gunther -

This video made my day
- EchanErnie -

piss ! rose plays her part like a boss . I mean lets face it we do not see you making this film or any film where the amount of work is massive .
some goofball off the internet community knows better ? Its a kids sci/fi adventure movie so what is wrong with that ? or you ?
its a weird know all commentary by a what sounds like a weird guy from the internet who has " cynical " as a life .
just because you never got a part in the movie the world should burn . perhaps you would get it . yes it is a kids movie a family movie . you just dont like it .
kind regards .
- brianpc pc -

I don't need a 20 min video to tell me that the last jedi sucks.
I need a 20 min video of a man telling me why it sucks
- FPS Entertainment -

Damn you nailed this review, this is exactly what I'm talking about with friends and colleagues since I watched this like of crap, the force awakens was good compared to this piece of shit
- Kobi Levi -

All those millions of dollars put in this movie could've gone to assist all the starving children and families in Africa
- SuperMarioMatt -

If they couldnt run into things in hyperspace then why do they take their sweet ass time finding a safe path. Hyperspace is just moving fast. You dont teleport into some random realm this isnt marvel and its nkt the bifrost.
- Bryndin Howard -

This video puts in to words and explains why I was so disappointed in the cinema. I feel like Star Wars has turned into Social Star Justice Warrior Wars. Kathleen Kennedy...pls just stop.
- Mark Christopher M -

The only new character I have an emotional attachment to is BB-8
- Flou -