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1:44 Cannibal Corpse list????what????
- cimo cimak -

The bathroom on the bus is bigger then his at home? Where does he live? A shoebox?
- Metal In Your Head -

накуренный 100
- Серега Игнат -

Hopped in Half! Where can I find this beer? I must check it out
- Jesus is Dog : -

and I thought Family Feud was a 6 Feet Under thing---must be Terry n Greg
- Mike Farmer -

Says that Red Bull is the grossest thing on earth but drinks Budweiser? ironic
- xenonvinc -

Watch out for that diet, you’ll be “turned inside out”.
- The Architect -

Worked security for Obituary back in 90,91,92 at Park Avenue Columbus, Ohio a mid size to small bar venue but fun. John Tardy and his brother were cool guys. Long time ago. They were with Nocturnus. Very cool dudes and I was an obituary junky getting the “Cause of death” album cover oil painted perfectly on the back of my leather.
Then the Dark Lords drummer stole it one day. Asshole lol
- The Architect -

For cosnuming only water and budweiser I respect Obituary even more. Been a fan since the 90s.
- miko -

I'm with you D.T., those RB are shit .
- Robert Jackson -

Hahaha this guy is funny :D do this with someone from POWER TRIP!!!!
- Phobophobia -

How come every bus invaders video starts with one member of the band talking about satellite dish not working????😂😂😂
- Paolo Botto steglia -

Thats ok Obituary,even though you drink pisswater we still love you.
So the rest of the world knows, especially in Texas Budweiser is the beer. Go up to bar say... would like two beers. They will give you Budweiser. Personally not my taste,Im more a Corona guy. To each his own. Most reason is Texans want an American beer, a good patriarchal state loves America
- ChaosTrident -

- Daniel Lekardal -

Always amazed that death metal people are nicer and more chilled than pop music assholes
- TheArmybabii4 -

Where they take shower?
- Iosu Carazo Goenechea -

End the video first 15 seconds in with Donald screaming "GO AWAY!!!" and it will be the shortest Digital Tour Bus video ever! XD
- slavikcc -

judging by their animated music videos, i thought they toured only in a van, so nice to see them in a bus.
- Lee Torry -

Obituary the best
- Brian Presnell -

- Brian Bumstead -