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Dear god, for a death metal drummer he’s so fucking wholesome

Awesome Tour Bus vid !!!!!
- Dark Sprocket -

...and if you read the smaller print on the can it says that it’s made with rice. Beer isn’t made with rice. Budweiser is the king of rice water.
- Jacks Cleaner -

Budweiser is pure piss.
I'd call it water but that's an insult to both Hydrogen and Oxygen.
- MolochZ -

Sooortiilllège !
- metalheadoldschol -

Salve do Brasil, minha filha tem 4 anos adora essa banda. Os cara é foda.
- Luisangelo Ferreira Arca -

Obituary é foda pra caralho
- Mutilator Official -

Did he say Steve harveyn' it 😂
- Ebony Void -

Were healthy people!

(Grab a bottle of VODKA)

- Johnny Cris Rey -

three bands living in one bus at the same time?
- Mark Stone -

Love Obituary but will never see them again 2 times now I've been less than impressed once the roadie sang GOD AWFUL and last they played 3 instrumentals and just left wtf
- Scott Grudziadz -

« That’s the grossest things on earth »
Talking about Red bull Then proceed to worship Budweiser
- Poutine Mwamwa -

After the death of Chuck (RIP), Obituary is America's best Death Metal band! Still going strong and a great bunch of souls! Hail!
- Joseph Nickell -

nicest bunch of guys you could ever meet
- caleb neal -

Budweiser is bullshit, come to Germany and drink a real beer with me 😉
- Edward TheBeast -

Saving kitties. Water. Fruit. Clean bus. WTF happen. Its a joke right? Thats not Obituary. Its just a hippie trying to sell buses.
- Tman 2000 -

should try german bier ;)
- Christopher Bassou -

Seems like a pretty cool laid back dude!
- dkyelak -

I LOVED the bloodsoaked blood orange beer.
It is very citrus, but NOT overpowering
- John Hirsch -

Awesome dude and great drummer!
- WalyB01 -