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Yea this was the Floyds' DEBUT album & what a debut it was!! The sound effects are just awesome.....
- Charles Gomez -

- X Y -

Anyone else note the correlation between this and Day of the Lords by Joy Division? Nearly 12 years after this dropped
- Alec Barber -

I bought this album in 1967. Still love it.
- Brian Whittle -

oh welly welly welly
- lester korol -

what a nice tune..
- Duke Theedam -

fucking trip with LSD bye Humans
- DagonSupremo -

First experiencce of the Band , lsd in both sides
- Charles de Carvalho -

my modt favorite gd instrumental of alll
- Creekerboy403 Blake ferrell -

my favorite one
- Creekerboy403 Blake ferrell -

It lives in my brain forever, like echoes of a psychedelic animal farm. There were no greater or lesser cuts from Pink Floyd, they are all brilliant, like our acid days, when we walked us past the brain to places outside the wall. Long live Mr. Barrett.
- Jesus Mind -

- John Rambo -

I've clicked through so many videos, through so many incredible, weird ambient landscapes... I feel like I'm going on a train trip, seeing a succession of crazy, never-before-seen scenes from history, important, weird musics through the window as I pass...
there's so much to explore. So many places to alight and dwell in the ambiences that are on offer . This stop, in particular is brilliant !!
- Philippe Cirse -

Interstellar overdrive is noise pollution.
- Lorenzo Ballester -

The Blimp, the Blimp it's the Mother Ship, the Blimp!
- John Gardy -

Its like Thee Oh Sees heard this song and said thats gonna be our entire career.
- IveGotToast -

I need it I want it.
- Dylan the random person. -

Just to let everyone know , my dog sat up and paid serious atention to this at about 3mins in, then she came and sat on my lap to keep me safe!, or maybe to feel safe herself?
- Victor Muckleston -

The name of this song is like a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ability: INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVE!
- Mr.Kross -

Done acid on dmt 3 times now I completely understand syd and suffer like him two 🌈✨🔥
- Dorrion Morton -