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De la bomba a la face face du shitstem BABYLON A LIAR
- Jah Wally -

My own black sister told me that slavery wasn't only the wests fault because black man sold their enemies to the slave drivers.
What a stupid thing to say. Tribal war existed for thousands of years beforehand, that didn't give anybody the right to travel thousands of miles to capture take away and enslave black people.
Needless to say we don't talk anymore.
- Granville Evans -

This is a great tune but really what's done is done guys stop living in the past.
- TheBbdon -

africa had nothing to trade but people . it sold people for bags of shells . (fact) . how do you think 12 million people could of just been stolen . wake up . less then 6% were stolen in the last years of it . take a look at englands . gold silver and slaves . its on youtube .
- Johnny John -

Classic tune nah
- Dubsquad -

Massive blessings brother from Bklyn NYC Shalom families.
- Rashiid Almahdi -

Drugs in EVRY DIRECTION IT IS TOTAL HYPOCRISY truth in the music honest
- 97awake -

- Matej Erjavec -

lyrics of up your mighty race

Inna Dis ya Time we want some reparation And inna Dis ya Time we want some compensation For centuries after centuries of exploitation And still the African just a suffer so strong Seh full time now for black man liberation And the mental and cultural emancipation In the words of Marcus garvey I & I Chant this song Him seh up you mighty race so stand firm and strong
And tek away yourself from the trap of babywrong Empower the youths with right education 12 million slaves dem take from our homeland Fi suffer and toil under sugar plantation Beaten to the bone, rape by gang, stripped of culture and religion Forced to serve the god, of the white man Or rebel and face execution
They traded guns to unbalance African societies Perpetrated tribal war with there mercenaries Dismantled and destroyed African societies So they could divide and control colonially For all the trauma Dem create thru chattel slavery And all the trauma dem create colonially For all the disenfranchisement over centuries And the perpetual destruction of I & I mentally
- Yuri Oliveira -

- Carl Lee -

Real education
- Liam -

- RAS reggae -

More whites were taken as slaves in north africa than blacks were ever taken to the United States. Shove your reparations up your a$$. Also, there were more whites as slaves in the United States than there were ever black slaves. So where are white reparations?? Plus white men died abolishing slavery, meanwhile open slave markets still exist in Africa and muslim nations, hypocrites. So STFU.
- Greg Lancer -

Monumental☝I AND I
- Dah Dahweed -

This is roots………. <3
- Jan Faber -

Give thanks for the vibes
- Rastaman vibrations -

brazil africa do sul revolucion
- Joe- Loko -

Strong !!!
- Henrique Santos -

They did not steal our culture, my great tune!
- Henrique Santos -

- gustavoshok -