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I’ve been waiting for you all to see this project!! I hope you love it!!! Thank you Poo Bear, Justin Bieber and Jay Electronica for letting me create this for you!!
- Hannah Stocking -

Hannah stocking love you too
- James Tan -

Bye bye BAD BOY!!! Hi good sweet boy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
- Daisy Mossin -

Hi lol
- Starling Mckay -

you sould of done the pony tail flick
- poppy nevin -

That us me right there 😭😭
- petra vigil -

Lele pons: *spits water at Hannah’s ex

- Emillia Clarke -

When you got a friend like Lele and Hannah...

You know your safe
- Zoey Zhang -

The People who disliked this is hella SINGLE
- Loracel Agawin -

- Zoe Saldivar -

Lele and Innana or Inanna at the end though 🤣
- Alejandra YT -

Hannah is so gorgeous
- Jillian Anusencion -

His friends at 0:48 are like wtf man? You treating you girl like thatc
- Samantha Black -

The best part was when Lele SPIT DAT WATER
- Karen_Gillan Fan -

That is mean of you need a better boyfriend
- jsbbhAlyson Campos -

Life is hard but in the end it gets easier
- Kameel Dhanraj -

I love it so much UwU
- Şekerkız -

I love it😍
- Vesi Petrova Taneva -

Today, my life changed.
I finally confronted my grandmother and called her out on her abusive behavior towards me. I got some apologies from her (which I didn't even fully expect, nor that they'd be even sincere). She apologized a first time but it wasn't sincere. Then further into our discussion, she apologized SINCERELY. I guess I led this with a master hand, specially since I chose a crowded place to confront her so she couldn't make a scene.
Now I understand perfectly the meaning of this song. It's about facing the cold reality that is in front of us, accepting it, finally letting go of so much and getting into a new zone (comfort zone). It's about one facing its fears, its demons, and finally freeing oneself apart from everything that restrained them. I experienced it just an hour ago. It feels so relieving. I feel free now.
Thanks Hannah, and thank god Justin and Jay even made this song in the first place.
- Justine gallo -

- Ethea Kaamasee -