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I use a catheter 5 to 6 times a day. Such a huge relief to visit the bathroom and be done and no leaks.
- Austin L. -

Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds are also good and help relax the bladder. Not sure if it helps empty the bladder but I have this issue and pumpkin seeds help alot.
- Queenbee Dat -

Bong r IGNACIO is no not tablet be cost ninakawan say ng Peta at tablet ng kapitbahay sa grown hats subdivision baranggay magamit Antipolo city tablet at ganahang 789prsos plus bike sick semis reader blue and white color and Samsung Galaxy t5
- KULIT18 YT -

Very informative Dr. OZ. Thank you.
- Monica Moreira -

Before going to sleep take half spoon salt.try 4/5 days after tell me thamkx.
- Prabin Joshi -

Travelling is a no for people who always need to pee like me. 😭
- Jazz M -

- April Cody -

I used to have this and every time I started a fortnite game i would go pee
- Boinga -

Am I the only one who pees a lot when drinking Propel?
- Sad MoMo -

Cerebral Palsy causes it too actually, I've struggled with this for two years and i have accidents sometimes
- danielgartin6993 -

I’m 14 and literally had to pee 3-4 times every 15 mins
- i Smackya -

Any herbs to cure this problem?
- Malayalam variety channel -

I used to be completely normal until one day for reasons unknown to me I started having to go every 2 hours. Sometimes I can stretch it to 4 hours absolute max. People make fun of me, road trips are unbearable with other people, and it’s mortifying having to constantly make my shake walk to the toilets, constantly excusing myself from conversations with my friends to go pee. I just want to know why.
- k a l e -

If your a woman and have had kids...go see a pelvic floor specialist!
- Kayla Schregardus -

Fake ass doctor
- Jose Patino -

Why none of these shows do men?! We have problems too!
- Wilbur Francois -

its not incomplete urinating emptying.
i piss 1 liter every 50 minutes after i drink water
i feel like its not being absorbed in my body
- Stewie Griffin -

I go only 2 times a day. When i detox Much more
- Mara A -

Thanks so much for the video - the information provided is most helpful. I find myself at times consumed with this problem - the direction provided is greatly appreciated.
- healthytipsplus -

Any tips ?
- Hi It’s Just me -