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People pee frequently because it is psychologically stimulated and is a habitual habit. When to think about peeing you stimulate your bladder if your mind thinks of other things the need goes away.
- Mickey Lara -
- Hadassah Immanuel -

why cant Americans say toilet, its a word!
- David Fullard -

This video makes me want to pee
- Pussy exterminator33 -

We also pee constantly if we drink a lot of water.
- Sharmella Krishnasamy -

I feel the same thing and also I have to take a N2 every single 15-30 seconds
- Gabriel Palma -

I've read that places "where a majority of the world's flaxseed is grown, tend to have high cadmium in the soil. Since organic (as well as conventional) food isn't tested for heavy metals by the USDA, the certified organic label is worthless in regard to cadmium found in flax."
- r. Robertson -

I don’t like Dr OZ he looks like a dishonest doctor:
- Rosa Ling -

I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover stop cats from peeing try Magonsi Cat Spray Expert ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got excellent success with it.
- Aseka Johana -

I don’t always need to pee but feel like I need to
- Notes -

Yeah right!!!
- Mike Greer -

I found a way how to pee do flat hand and rub it fast up and down on your pee pee
- invincible eye M -

is this only for women? what about helping the men who get up regularly throughout the night @Dr.Oz

Peeing every 30 minutes .. I'm a guy.
- Wayward Beast -

I feel like i need to pee but when i go nothing comes out
- Enex -

- Barbara Brothers -

this baboon needs to eat less, these people eat too much, i see fat amrikans eating and eating at airports all the time. all they do is eat
- Scott Jaz -

I've had urinary retention for abt 4 days now. Nothings helping
- starry night -

Am I the only one peeing while watching this...? (Don’t judge me..)
- Carolyn Dolan -

Ummm, I'm sitting crist crossed or however you spell it, on the toilet rn...
- Jenni -