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30 años de este disco, a donde se va el tiempo
- Eze Soy Yo -

220 people need their hearts kickstarted. :-( I saw them on this tour at the (then) Hearnes Center in Columbia Missouri. Faster Pussycat opened for them. I remember Tommy's drum kit coming out over the crowd and some guy getting hit in the head by Nikki's smashed bass. We also met Brent Muscat and Frankie Banali from after the show at the Midway Truck Stop after the show and got their autographs on paper towels from the bathroom.
- Christine Peck -

Happy 30th Dr. Feelgood!
- bigdaddyevil666 -

- おい!さやか! -

- Alien n. The Aquarius -

Best mötley's album for me
- Daniel Doria -

Performances very very sofisticator and powered. So good ever.
- Beto Kaos Z Deja-vu -

"Rattlesnake Shake"; "She Goes Down" etalon Mötley Crüe feeling...
- elements -

What about a new album whit Vince and corabi together and motley crue heavy or 🤔😆😊😆💪💪💪💪💪🤘👍🤘🤘rock on and live on more music rock it i rock🤘
- Dude Dinkli -

Great album rock on and live on more music rock it rock on and live on more music 😆😅😆😊💪💪💪🤘👍🤘but be peach ful if it possible 😆😊🤔😆💪✌🤘👍🤘rock on mans 😆💪✌💪🤘and how is Jimmy 😆😅😊😆🤔🤑💪✌🤘👍
- Dude Dinkli -

Best album EVER!!!
- StrengthAddicts -

Excellent mick mars
- phil sarot -

- Simon Moine -

Here after the dirt
- Benita Ruiz -

Mick Mars is a badass
- Gregory Power -

Secondo me Doctor feelgood, tests uno dei migliori album dei Motley.... Se non il migliore
- Fabrizio Bertolucci -

I really hope The Dirt inspires everyone to bring this band back to life.
- Mark Boehly -

Hey I seen some nasty comments all over everything about vince I know he may have a tough time live I've seen them but I think he sounds great but overall that man went threw alot losing a child and b able to come back and b in this band I give him 100% respect I wouldn't know what I'd do if I'd lost my child especially that bad c word... i teared up watching the dirt on that scene man i think they all done there best that's why i loved them way way way before dirt it's sad they have to make a movie for them to b recognized, these guys are rock legends hell if ozzy liked them back in the day then they must be doing something right lol yes, no?
- Christopher Vogan -

Why is this so good
- tom pols -

Nikki Sixx. What a legend :D