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I had the cassette tape iam getting old lol
- Ryan Hession -

I love song
- Debby lee -

swietny album zespolu motley crue oraz super piosenki oraz wspanialy zespol motley crue
- Małgorzata Woroch -

I've always felt that Mick Mars was one of rock's most under rated guitarists. He rocks!
- kwyjibo2112 -

Don't care what anybody says Motley Crue has always rocked out
- Ray Johnson -

- ひろしだよ -

- мак кон -

FUCK what a wonderfully awesome album, the sound track of my youth, rebellion against everything all in the name of rock n roll, X wife actually walked down the isle to without you thank the fucking Gods she didn't kill my love for the bad boys of rock n roll motley fucking crue. So much better than the Gaylord grunge shit that came along the following decade, long live ROCK N ROLL long live Motley Crue, thanks for the post
- Stuart Turner -

God should be yid.
- kris organ -

Yeah the dirt has basically got into motley, I've been a metal loving God since the early 90s and for some reason I always dodged motley crew, fuck knows why.
- kris organ -

el sonido inspirador del black album
- beto prado -

- Schmitty's Quads -

Judas Priest is a metal band that I feel will never be equaled.
- Kh Yo -

Slide of Pie's includes a nice homage to Beatles (She's So Heavy)
- Somee Dude -

Song Timestamps
0:00 0:01 T.N.T (Terror in Tinseltown)
0:19 0:43 Dr. Feelgood
5:33 Slice of Your Pie
10:05 Rattlesnake Shake
13:45 Kickstart My Heart
18:28 Without You
22:56 Same Ol' Situation
27:10 Sticky Sweet
31:01 She Goes Down
35:39 Don't Go Away Mad (just go away)
40:19 Time For Change
- Michael H. -

Love Motley crue dr feel good was next to the best hands down
- Steven Jackson -

Their best IMO.
- Give it up for Jackson Heights own, Mr. Randy Watson -

A DR Feelgood yeah! from Michael T wyman .....LA/Hollywood CA USA .........original rock guitarist and Crue fan!

Shared this on my Facebook and Instagram.
- Patty Harrison -

Happy 30th birthday Dr feelgood!
- Cody J Films -