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'Don't lose the passion please.'

- Krimh
- NexisFilms -

"Don't lose the passion please" this guy is real.
- LenovoY540 Custom. -

Useful tip from KRIMH thanks alot guys...!!!!!
- Enos Raj -

Very difficult play slow when bass drumming is 200 BPM. = I want make with hands same speed play.
- Toomas Argel -

What’s that drum kit he is using is it one of these Hybrid type things ?? Thanks
- James Cannon -

You know what's great about Krimh? The dedication. I remember when he used to walk to a tiny, frozen warehouse the size of a shoebox to practice! The guy worked hard and is now successful. Congrats
- Jesse Rapkin -

I love that T-shirt great band Agent Fresco!!!!!
- Ulises Aburto -

Repping agent fresco nice
- Sam Bowles -

" don't lose the passion, please " now THAT's motivation :D
- burbon ­ -

Krimh is such a likable dude!
- nodnarB regzteM -

Please tell me there aren't people that think this is real
- TheJarhead133 -

What pedals are those?
- Nick F -

Krimh is brilliant \,,/
- Diana Silva -

Please, react to this video, his name is Achilles Prister, he played in Angra, he was a teacher of Eloy Casagrande, he was the cover of modern drummer magazine.
- Guego -

I like it
- Kartik Kumar -

- Romão Neto -

Infant annihilator Aaron 320 bmp
- Grandma -

Krimh your shirts to small
- John Wick -

meh I don't even own a drum kit or ever played them but somehow enjoy watching these videos though LOL
- Stormforce999 -

I felt that with medium tension, a 45° angle of my beater with a direct drive pedal, I never lost power regardless of my speed. There is zero latency with direct drive pedals vs chain or strap. Something to think about.
- Paul Daluz -