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Why does dragon force, and Herman li especially, get so much hate?
- Intrinsic -

- CeOZ YamerZ -

Uhhh my name Herman too wkkwkwk
- Hermankgdhevdtevge Mank -

Look at that fools... dnt hv a fckn clue...jus hahaha
- unoto chishi -

Puta cómo quisiera conocer a ese men
- Alan Leonardo Rodriguez Gonzalez -

Shit crowd
- Manish Jaisi -

This man has gotten so many people to pick up the guitar. That's how great he is.
- Myat Noe -

they only have a sad song hahahaha
- Jay Mart -

tha hahaha they don't know how to feeling rock..hahaha
- Jay Mart -

He's good and all it's just their songs suck.
- Tammy Rogne -

I can see a glimpse of Stevie T playing triangle next to Li
- Dome Lighto -

Stevie ts bff
- kurtog kurt -

Herman is the world's most perfect man
- Tt Tt -

I can see those people who listens to Bollywood songs screaming there 😆
- Gideon Hemang -

I thing I find funny is that the crowds cheer at the easiest part but dont react to the hardest part:/
- jorda_ wolf -

3:32 They tried to hide his wah pedal but Li pushed his way through...
- Get, Set, KNOW! -

It is beyond comprehension for the audience. Most of them.

Cause they are staring like that...
- Get, Set, KNOW! -

Actually he had a great potential to be dragonforce’s guitarist.
- Yara Na -

Wt hell is wrong with the crowd?! I would be head banging with that perfomance.... Well, I think that a great guitarist at the wrong crowd...
- duman5596 -

Kakak herman
- Kekeyae Ongis -