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The instrumental is so tender that you really could doubt all things happened were true. I think this is the strength of this one. He state that "their kids" will be slaughtered and many other bad bad things... but he says it all extremely quietly. Fuck... he got no time to feel rage, to start flames, to get around investigating... Wtf he's Tupac and he got no time to spend with losers or dead meat.
- Miglior Store -

Let's listen #seedha_makeover by kr$ is best diss in Desi hip hop.........
- Shri Vatsa -

12/16/2019 ?
- Eazye_ Campton -

This how many people said this how many people like this

- Gaycum Tori's -

- Run Беги -

Record sales went through the cosmos
- Chino Xl -

he doesn't seem to be a legend unless he is a true legend
- StabbGaming -

Hit em up vs Quitter(Eminem)
- Harsh Pratap Singh -

Now my dog, seems like my god.
- Aryan Parihar -

Still the best diss track of all time, no. 1. Even Diddy still hurts when he listen to this in clubs. It’s fire
- N K -

West Sideeee
- Juan makiavelo -

2pac The king of RAP
- Juan makiavelo -

কি বাড়া কইছে কিছুই বুঝলাম না ,তবে সেই মজা পাইলাম
- Jahid vai official -

Here after this muthaf*cka nick said he the new pac😐
- Ducky -

Big pac
- Michael Snowden -

- Adolf Hitler -

First Time I Ever Heard The Term BITCHMADE💯💯💯💯👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽😻😻😻😻💋💋💋💋💋🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫
- April Little -

RIP legend
- Nelson Bran -

Notorious BIG died 2 times
- Mateo Rendón -

This song live in 2019
- Arty Mr. Мазур -