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Lets be honest most of us search this up
- XGirl_FRM_ HellX -

seeing the sickness is one thing, there is a big reason why man picks an animal type and loves it before another human. Writing a song that can test its way threw time is another. Black hole sun determined death of man due to how selfish we are and are filled with lies and filth. Think like the ant, but unfortunately we are the crab id say 67% of the time rng
- lawrence silvey -

arde plástica!
- Jonathan Arias -

2020 and still listening REST IN PEACE chris.
- Chilli Man -

soundgarden>the beatles
- jaylen pizarro -

Still cant watch the Video, i've always been scared of it.
- irisin -

im pretty sure ive had a nightmare about this song

Scary clip
- РадиоПоток -

No year suits this song better than 2020. This should be Trump's 2020 election song.
- MrZZooh -

The fact that Chris actually liked his breakthrough single unlike Kurt Cobain who disliked Smells Like Teen Spirit. It is refreshing and makes me happy to know he didn't think his whole career was based of something he hated.
- ArA Reagan -

black hole suns gonna come and suck up all the weirdos, anyone notice the band didnt get taken?
- cheveefarmers -

Thank you Chris, thank you Ben (the most under-discussed über-talented bassist in history), thank you Matt and thank you Kim.

The emotion that I get from drumming to your song has and will be treasured by me. It takes me on a ride that makes me keep loving and living one more day ... Words are useless. I can't, I just can't express it. From the bottom of my heart, thanks Soundgarden 👌🔥💥🎸🎼🎤🎧🥁 the top Rock band of all time to a lot of people!
- just dev -

Kirt cobainwe miss you
- Josh Ross -

These drums are definitely an example of less is more.
- Dr Pancake Face -

Dunno why but reminds me of us Laura Mitchell xx
- Eastland Esme -

RIP Chris.
- King Fartquad -

Primus Called they want their music video back.
- Matthew Yee -

Third eye movement 👁️

This is classic
- EyE'am WATER #thirdeyemovement -

Why this masterpiece have 32k dislikes?
- RodrigoRot4rdo -

This is about as close to Steve Angello many of us deserve to get
- Superior Court -