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Hahahahahaha This is NOT Guns N’ Roses 😂😂😂
- D Bo -

i like his music, mi amor, la vetta, ballad of death.. life is beautiful..

This guy has some money, if he can afford to destroy this many Les Pauls.
- Ace of Spades -

Huh, literally all I knew about the dude is that we're from the same hometown.
- Mykal Anstrom -

I simply can’t believe how fussy he claimed to be about intricate rigs before settling on something as simple as a Fractal. I’m perfectly happy with a Marshall DSL.
- Outskirts of Infinity -

"The shorter the shaft the faster the knob" Who knew!!
- Chris Dee -

I Even think un smoke a cigarette close to a les Paul .....he pulls on her cigarettes IN THE GUITAR!!!

That the most bad ass things i ever heard jajaja
- José Ernesto Rodríguez -

Doesn't care about guitars....installs strap locks
- Davey Wiles -

He act like slash to much
- Justin Burkhalter -

I mean to horror movies. Edgy
- baba yaga -

i like´d seeing dj ashba in guns ´n roses. i think he´s fresh.
- BeverlyThrills -

He’s a bloody awesome guy.
- Pianist Reeves -

Rebecca dirks please
- Tyson Rinker -

Seymour Duncan JB pickups stand for. JAZZY BLUES not Jeff Beck because he had a guitar called the TeleGib which was a telecaster body and a Gibson sound and that had the. Jazzy Blues pickups in it. They were going to call the pickup Jeff Beck but he never endorsed it so they called it the Jazzy Blues pickup.
- Jack Swinks -

All these people bashing on Ashba And saying he's a led paul killer... That's the dumbest thing ever. Acting like the LP is the holiest guitar of them all.... Its just wire and wood. Its up to the musician to embed a personality into the guitar. Gibson got their money out of it, so I'm sure they don't care what he does with his instruments. Seriously... People like the ones in this comment section are just ignorant and close minded.
- Nopium21 -

those les pauls make me wanna cry. They're ruined.
- Greg_Delta -

Must be nice to be able to destroy every damn thing you have.. what a freaking joke!!!
- Chris Brooks -

Well this episode was just an exercise in fuckin' up your guitar.  They do not look "cool"....they look fucked.
- Boabywankenobi -

He's playing in gnr, he has to look the part!! Look at him in sixx am. Doeat wear the top hat and plays schecter
- Sean Keogh -

I only like him because he likes Tim Burton
- Jack -