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- Johnny Kontant -

This guy is incredible
- Bob Carey -

Distortion = metal. Cah John 5 play jazz, because even shit jazz players can nail metal,they just don't get the money or hot yo uh ng broads. #JimmyBruno
- Remley -

I have listened only Black Widow of la Porte but I feel like I had heard big parts of what he played already
- Henrix98 -

Sounds more like John504
- Peter Winters -

Hey Bob 15 !!
- G Thompson -

Mr 5 is amazing.
He reminded me why I play drums and not guitar...
- CS 10471 -

He has transitioned into an amazing solo artist. Those shreds where iconic 👍
- Travis Schmidt -

Sounds flashy, musical, clear and balanced which is no easy feat but it is easy for him lol lovely music great guy!
- E Z -

Boy was Marilyn Manson wrong about him hahah
- Ben Haven -

I said "God bless America!!" when I watched this
So effortlessly
- LemonadeLover -

damn he's talented
- Benign Tumour -

I think of a modern version of Roy Clark.
He can play any style at a high level.
- Ryan Lewis -

Haha went full Buckethead with the Killswitch lol
- John Rappleyea -

i think both john 5 and buckethead have surpassed steve vai, but who is actually the more advanced, accomplished, versatile? john 5 or buckethead?
- Jessi Louis -

Funk with Precision.
- Onkelhumptydumpty -

Looks the part, and delivers.
- Kent Löfgren på svenska (Swedish only) -

Ok. I kinda like it. Very Vai.
- Guyinpajamapants -

that kill switch is pretty dope
- Phillip Greene -

i love telecasters.
- John Sticher -