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La chica es Haruka?(noodle)
- Gerald Gamer -

It's just impossible get sick of this song
- Pathfinder -

this song gives you nostalgia you didnt know you had
- That Other Boi -

nunca me canso dessa musica
- o sopro não emula -

Man I love this song
- SUPER GAMER XD a.k.a Zabuza -

When the violins start everybody is like
- Ártemis ;-; -

- scar master -

Paul Simonon is simply beautiful!!!

lol, i love gorillaz but its just a bunch of people standing around not playing their instruments
- Adam Warlock -

am I the only one that didn't like this live version? seems like the soundguy didn't get the balance right and I just can't get into little dragon's voice. but I love the album version.
- Nick Owen -

So great
- William Sandell -

When empire of ants break it does things like no other song
- Anti Something -

Hard love
- La Umi -

2:35 suddenly their all jiving haha. Love IT!
- Bajoan -

Just so fuckin' good.
- Dom C -

I don’t like her hand movements. Other than that it’s good
- miko maxwell -

RIP Reckful
- вфц daw -

You are amazing guys xxx
- Elisa Vieira -

- Katie Kat -

Beautiful on psilocybin
- Mantis Toboggan -