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Dad: getting mad

Me: respect the song Paul
- memes boi -

Y aún dicen que la igualdad no está dentro de todos. ¡Korn enseñandonos una lección desde chicos!
- Patricia Mora -

When I was about 13 years old, I was in an alcoholic household, getting in trouble, horrible grades in school too. My dad took everything out of my room, grounded me and beat my ass over it. I was grounded for long periods of time. Months at a time usually. My birthday happened to fall on one of those times. Just to try to be cool my parents bought me a cd player and this cd, Issues... I sat in a completely empty room with nothing but a bed listening to this cd over and over. Hating life, hating everything, drawing some sick looking pictures in my school notebooks... etc.

But years later I gave my life to Christ, sometime around when Brian Welch did too...
- Schweet119 -

Yoho..make America great again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Billy Engerson -

Still shit
- Israel Medeiros -

Guess these guys got sprayed in the paddock and beat down into the ground... Been 20 years since I've heard them release a song
- Rid-One Elsharawy -
- Msg of Yitzhak Kaduri -

I named my son after Johnathan Davis!!!
- Mr&Mrs Raymond Gonzales -

KoЯn is the best!
- Mark Da Silva -

Hammer dance 🔥🔥
- Shuvankar Bhowmick -

Ffdp, Slipknot, and these guys are what keep me on this Earth.
- Marcus Fullerton -

O no the pirate ghosts :O
- Demian Clark -

1st time seeing this... So was the message of this video to run away from a abusive home and take your chances on the streets? Another teenage favorite song ruined with another confusing Korn video... #notgonnawatchanymoreKornvideos
- Erin Vinson -

Hola camaradas
- Mauro el chino Armenta -

- ZachAttrax -

The amazing thing about the good days of music is that every artists was talking about there reality, there for lyrics were so different and powerful between different artists.

Now they all sing about the same shit. What just proves that it's all prefabricated bs
- Manuel E. Itriago M. -

- Angel Leo -

did ya'll change your genre? saw the new video and it's nothing like any of these classics.
- Moe Whitfield -

Bruh under every Korn video u find someone writing:"no cEllPhonEs bacK tHeN jus-" stfu It doesn't matter on which device u listen to Korn it's always fucking lit
- Lil_ Frust -

Anyone know where i can buy low-price big speakers in Russia? E-3-1 know the english in my city, so i wanna do the Propaganda.
- ксхн-канал с хорошим названием -