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- Nestor Lisojo -

I love song, i love muisc,... Hahahahahaha mano mano its free, Crazy... I love mano do céu hahahahahahahah
- Maicon P Barboza -

Merry Christmas Happy New Year KoRn RULES !!! !!! !!!
- usa Sayian 111 J.o.s.h KIng -

This song make me play air bass,LOL
- Paska Rio -

- Forest Duffe -

KoRn nue metal creadores y innovadores 👏👏👏
- Juan José omar Villalba -

This entire album helped me get through being beaten by my drunk stepdad nightly. They started when I was in 5th grade, this album came out right around my Freshman year. This was the year I started fighting back. Finally after my Senior year started, I moved away. It wasn't my fight, I left younger siblings and my mom to take the brunt of the beatings. This album brings me to tears, I ran away and have never really forgiven myself for it. It's been almost 20 years and it feels like it all happened yesterday.
- Derek Sommers -

Por mis fotos, videos, canal, comentarios, descripciones, deseo, técnica me entienden e inteligencia únicas
- Martín Ezequiel Britez -

Want me to right you a song korn its called rotting on the inside sing it popes playing god rotting on the inside so they practice priest craft rotting on the inside
- Seth Bush -

Be with me now.
- Terren O'Neil -

When Dad finds out you’re doing Tik Toks 😂
- Bikboi Griefer -

Limp bizkit hat
- Ruslan Glazkov -

more like beating my wife into the ground
- Biotroler -

Hell yeah
- Shadow Dance -

Imagine having a box with little metal guys in it all the time just playing music
- Nizzi Nugget -

hey south park
- Mitty Black -

Blasted this years upon years ago... Still do now cause this is an absolute banger as well as true as fuck in my life
- ChristinaJeff Partnersincrime -

Did this song appear in a episode of South Park?
- TheP3droX -

That south park episode brought me here.
- The Sun -

Most teenagers today will never understand the meaning of songs like this..
- Slick Wolfy -