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Damn this shit is pure 🔥🔥🔥
- bigpapi71788 -

snow the finest girl in this..... then other chicks? hell nah.
- thatdopegirl -

Hey Snow, Tech said your rhymes were trash in another video. Lmao rate the bars.
- CjYour Dj -

Good song ❤
- Kierston pierce -

Awaken I am
- GoDXK KingK -

Thank u Godz
- GoDXK KingK -

Who is the second rapper, hes so fine as fuck
- Ramon Serna -

Still here for Tech and SNOWWW 😍😍😍😍
- Arianna Saucedo -

I freaking love you.!
- Myisha Allen -

Got the same shirt as Twisted lmao
- Coe Walmsley -

Snow stole this song with no doubt
- cathy greenwalt -

Love this song <3 ^S^TRANGE MUSIC FOR LIFE
- Terr Ittz -

- Nicholas Cates -

I'm here for Snow
- Landeros DGK -

Strait up I skipped to snows part lol 💜😍
- Sheena Garcia -

Snow is Tha Fucking Bomb
- Justin B. -

Still can't believe Tech rated Snows bars a 1 on this track. Tech a fool for that one...
- PurpleSprite -

Im still jaming to this track even today i think twisted insane killed it as he always does
- Clizzy Insane -

Tech Nina hissing on the track
- Marty Watkins -

Tech N9ne's alliteration in his verse is masterful, I clicked for Twisted Insane, glad I did because he slaughtered the beat. Snow's verse hit me out of nowhere, it was a breath of fresh air to hear a female rapper that doesn't want to make me tear my ears out.

Wrekonize did ok too
- James McNamara -