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Celeste, s questions is easier than Momo, s questions
- Ilias Hamid -

Jejsusuusususuyeuevdysywygegegeydydyyegege bobbies!!!!!!
- Laura Fitzgerald -

I assure you, you'll never get a girlfriend :>
- Alathea -

- Dina R. Rivera -

Alright, so I just benched watched this entire series and I only get hard whenever she sees Momo WTF
- Meme Lord -

Momo is quite possibly my favorite character of this game she's so damn adorable i just want to shower here in attention, hugs and kisses X3
- Robert Guajardo -

Dub the awnser was a comet that has ice on it
- Xxdisschiffxx Gamerxxx -

Them tah tahs and booties
- J. C. -

Those moans were pretty sexy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- Jessica Pineda -

More like semen toast ken
- Alexthaboss13 -

My fav is Venus by far
- PTxE King -

- NightCrawler 730 - the picture Celeste a tentacle going in her.... I dont want to say
- Emerald -

- Charlez-RETIRED -

Don't bring star wars into this
- Harriet Gamer -

Momo is a meif'wa thats the correct term
- Dxrek _ -

Celestia: " what is made partly of ice?"

Ken: " ASTROID!"
- Gavin Hall -

I'm also a bit of a nerd because I know Saturn has 29 moons and the nearest galaxy to the Milky Way is called andromeda also a bengel is a distant cousin of the cat species it is a highly endangered species of tiger native to bengel which is part of china today the last of the species died in the belgel children's zoo in 2013 this is the last bengel tiger in china one of the few that are left is in the zoo in Cincinnati a group of cats is called a clowder
- John Harding -

l am 29
- T J -

I just combo hugged your face off uhmmmmmmmm can you nawt
- Be Atrix -