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Help munky with the microphone for God's sake! That was your only job
- gunshotheafy -

These are guys are really nice
- Mad Dog -

Head is the man. Nicest most down to earth guy ever.
- Lucas Lee -

14:10 Is that Petrucci and Mangini?
- Adam Jabłoński -

19:54 the guys face and noise
- Good Morning U.S.A! -

"In Korn how has your rig changed?"
"Oh, we just used the single use 31 gauge, different ones depending on whether we were shooting coke, heroin, or meth. Oh, you mean the music shit? I don't know ask this guy"
- John Doe -

I think their playing is gimmicky, the technique especially of the bassist awful, but they seem like cool dudes and they DID inspire lots of kids to play. And then probably quit playing when they realized the sound is all just incoherent bits requiring two gimmicked guitars having to play together ran through more processing than cat food LOL
- John Doe -

All Munky’s guitars looks frickin badass
- D3 Luddanstar -

So that model breaks alot and there are alot of issues etc.. so basically that seems to maybe not be a very good guitar? Or at least not for him?
- ServerButiken -

7 strings? Really these clowns could be playing 4 or 5 strings. Tweakers.👎😕
- What Me Worry -

Ibanez wait for it iceman brownie point for me iceman and destroyer killer guitars
- david marshall -

Why didn’t the stupid reporter help the guitarist take the microphone?
- rock fire -

I think kim thayils tone on my wave got alot of people playing mesa rectos
- Daniel D -

They seem like nice guys
- Daniel D -

Coming from a grunge world i have mad respect for korn they have many good songs. They came up with a original sound unlike creed just riping off pearl jam
- Daniel D -

That "thickening of the neck" is called a volute, and has been around for over a hundred years.
Would have been hard to patent that
- Reginald Fitzpatrick -

The iceberg that iron maiden played? Did he mean the Iceman kiss played? Lolol
- Michael Mustillo -

Nice Hair
- Narrative Matrix -

paranoid tweekers... nobody has slept in days
- John Ervin -

thats a nice bass
- xisotopex -