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1996 six flow
- Dana Tate -

Goods told this man the truth
- Wovy Zulu -

Cassidy burns out in the first round he's like Mike Tyson if you get him in a long fight he doesn't know what to do. you could tell that these guys and everyone else are still hungry to have their punchlines ready and Cassidy does not right he freestyles these things you can tell because he says the same stuff
- Joseph Warlock football -

goods is trash. a 69 drone with nothing to bring but cheap rhymes. most these lil shits cant comprehend cassidy's bars. it just goes over thier hallow heads. dam shame.
- charlie pound -

Cass had better Bars
- Rose Wallace -

I just watched the Cass Diz battle again. i dont feel Cass outbarred Diz 1 single round. Cass just aint fit for this arena. them lil simple ass punches cant match schemes or setups. He needs to watch more battles and study how they spread their content thruout they rounds. But he is 2nd rapper in history to have the crowd yell "3-0" against him.
- Peezy Pesos -

Who else is here after he got his career ended by Arsonal? #3-0
- Reverable -

Cassidy needs to retire ... His time has expired
- Ray 71 -

Cass got treated idk wtf y'all talking about
- tyrant uncaged -

Cassidy destroyed this fool
- Jovan Duckworth -

Yall ass if you think Cass won.
- Niko Bolez -

Smack won the rounds saying yo hold it down!
- Rob John -

I went gold in the street.!!! Wow.!!! That and the show for it line gave him a slit edge for round 1 Goodz
- Eturnal Saga01 -

Goodz is 100% the BEST!
- Kendall Campbell -

Hell I would battle goodz myself!
All bar's is what'll be coming
from this direction.
- Blkrose 74 -

Goodz got killed EASY!
- Blkrose 74 -

Goodz jux making silly noise...Cassidy spitting real bars
- Felix Quarshie Nyarko -

I dont care what ya say cassidy was cooking , and people keep coming back to rewatch it its actually a really good debatable . The crowd is what fucks it up
- epic work -

3 0 goodz
- Hala Issa -

You think goodz won, you are a waste of human flesh/life as far as I'm concerned.
- CueCue Rich -