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If every round was just like the 1st round in all his battles it will be so crazy 🥶🤯
- Jussmonty aka Lilneon -

Crowd is biased AF.
- Gurbaz Singh -

If we are talking about who won It would definitely be Cass that's facts. But facts do no matter these days so whatever.
- SassyKash _ -

Cassidy : niggas booing the hottest shit in the world
The crowd : booooooooooooooooooooo
- Rome Freshh -

¨cass its a shame¨ you know cass felt that. cass got done. he actually got done ono the 1st round.

Didn't hear Goodz spitting something Good, cass took it...period
- skilocash pienaar -

Cassidy Really Spit 15 mins his First Round thats 300 bars he Should Have saved some of that For the Other Rounds

Cassidy First Round Was Full Of Metaphors And Crazy Word Play No Lie...

That trapped in your Waze rebuttal though
- jenoWC -

Man Cassidy got killed and I'm a huge Cassidy fan! Cassidy raps good on beat and even then he is still a little outdated with his delivery!!
- Indigenous Redd -

Goodz: How you a customer?
- QUEZ D -

Idgaf what nobody saying Cassidy ate y’all just be following the hype
- QUEZ D -

how is people saying cass won ? its different now it aint just about barz anymore... its bout barz performance delivery personal crowd control but u like what you like
- Doug Dirden -

I never knew GOODZ.......I know him now but I still gotta go wit CASS
- Stay Blazin -

Shout out to Casss....less talk
- Stay Blazin -

Cass won all round
- Lukman Tino -

LYRICALLY Cass Won if ur judging Actual Bars guuud Battle doe💯
- Jordyn Ducksauce -

Take it back, GOODZ won! I think it's a 30 too!,
- Indigenous Redd -

Cassidy 3-0
- anthonylavulavu -

Cass was 🔥
- Trevor Kennedy -