kind of a perfect song?
- A. Purnell -

can’t stop listening to this song!! I love the beats and the mood, I’m addicted
- fruktgalen -

I'm here because of VoID
- ChampionLeake -

Im from idk and idk how i found this but I know how happy i am because of it
- InJapanクリス -

4:13 The voice is so soothing here

TIll you tell me there's nothing left i'll be searching for meaning.
- kimi -

- kimi -

great song!
- SirFoogles -

House and Disco Mix 2, brought me here !!!! listen when it's rain, it warm you
- adib annur -

Gives me weather channel vibes
- Chris W -

Im here from the House and Disco Mix 2
and Im grateful I found this
I love it
- RixOnYoutube -

Does someone know some music like this one? I'm listening to this on loop and it get's better more and more, i just love this music, thank you so much!
- Guilherme Cardadeiro -

Over and over again this song it's in my mind I just can't stop with this.... :) Thank you so much for uploaded it
- William Arias -