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It's a lie he tried to hack a government password.
- The Bathroom Report -

These people don't know what they are talking about and want to set him up as a warning to all leakers and journalists that they could be next.
- The Bathroom Report -

Had the CIA not been breaking the law with their deceitful Trump concspiracy and done the right thing Assange would not have to have done what he did!
- theshepherdsinn -

Julian is a modern day Robbin Hood!
- theshepherdsinn -

Exposing the law been broken is breaking the law ?
- justin Buchanan -

FREE JULIAN ASSANGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Jana Kinski -

Only AOC defends Assange that shows how different she is from the other crooked politicians who don't want the truth about the government crimes to come out
- Your Conscience -

99% of the people commenting on the internet are defending Assange, only the politicians want him in jail, what does that say?
- Your Conscience -

Cruz, Graham and all those criminal politicians that are satisfied that Assange was arrested would have preferred that the war crimes remain unknown, shame on them, one day they will have to pay for their evil actions. And Why don't the majority of journalists defend Assange, in the name of freedom? maybe because they are jealous that he was brave enough to unveil the truth that they didn't?
- Your Conscience -

Julian Assange is a hero
- kim greenlee -

- Brano communication -

your government has been exposed as corrupt in the extreme, doesnt it bother you?
- steve olson -

los que hablan en contra de assange , son corruptos ..y estan en contra de la verdad.
- will well -

Surprised that one of your guests says he hacked into a system, and offered a secreted password. He did neither. For specific facts I refer you to the information produced by Alexander Mercouris, editor of the Duran. A consummate reporter on the facts of this case.
Where is your evidence to support your statement.?.He did neither.
An established fact.
Then another guest, makes a statement based on another mischaracterized assumption, unproven, factually incorrect, then sums up a conclusion, as if they have offered up facts to support their thoughts that he should be indicted.? American Intelligence reporters detail factually that this line of assuming something
is a fact, when it indeed is merely an asserted assumption or insinuation, then proceeding as if it were proven factually correct, has become the legal modus operandi of the deep state narrative that supported the Mueller Russian probe and claims.
Then the host here states that Julian should be indicted for putting lives at risk when a Congressional Committee had looked into those accusations and cleared him on those allegations, and it was declared not a relevant claim.?
No one wants to deal with the fact though, that the crimes exposed, were a violation of many international conventions and constitutional rights; that those knowing them were obligated by law to report them, and that they attempted to do so through the appropriate channels to no avail. Referencing specifically Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning.
Assange was guilty of no other crime, in exhaustive examination than publishing grievous crimes that the state wished to keep covered up.
If that was a crime, then your major newspapers would be guilty too, wouldn’t they.?
- Carol Reid -

Hehehe So let me see if I got this angle right. So these same MSM trolls who justify an ends justifies the means morality defending a phantom state security justified secrecy suddenly have an attack of legality when someone breaks the law to expose their criminal abuse of secrecy to conceal war crimes. Hehehe
- Aubrey De Bliquy -

It is absolutely true that man may choose his form of government. There may be many forms of government in one nation and the majority to that political form, rules the others. However, the United States does not like competition and anytime one of these new forms of government, being the peoples rights to alter or abolish it completely, or a church chooses not to incorporate it and be ruled by the United States, the United States will attack it, like the compound in Waco Texas in 1993. We have no private banks to which we can accumulate our wealth without the United States being able to get its hands on us when we refuse to pay for endless wars through the Internal Revenue Service. The United States has become a capitalists empire by requiring corporations to register with it and corporations passing their services off as requirements for all so called “citizens.” Corporations doing business with the United States are required to follow the laws of the United States and those corporations pass the requirement along to its customers/citizens. When the corporation finds it necessary the weild the sword of the courts and use the police as its army to collect from “citizens” even when the “citizen” has rights not acknowledged by the corporation, the court or the federal government. The United States has become a corporation regulation monopoly which injures the many people who have ignorantly contracted with the corporations and the United States.
- Jenn West -

- Marlene Pecori -

Assange in England Belmarsh Jail EU Verses American Government NAU. 1st publicised Battle of Government Unions.
- William Ford -

there are questions about whether any of you are journalists
- charles carroll -

Shame on every hipocritical asshole and true criminal.

Shame to all those, who consider people more dangerous honarable and brave enough to point out on crimes and criminal practices - instead of those ones, who committed the crimes and/or disposed and ordered them!
- Clemenza Schwarz -