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This to Celina Powell
- James O'Neill -

Pac predicted this era with these hoes
- James O'Neill -

anybody who is from Nothern Cali to Southern Cali knows I'm not lying when I say this album is a collection of everything we live, see, breathe and feel in the Golden State...Pac pulled emotions, stories and pictures through this album. Forever will he be more than a legend to us.
- MrsBraxton4Christ333 -

- Mr. Venom -

is this sampling she's strange perfomed by CAMEO?
- けんすけさとう -

que sonzeiro do caralho
- Lucas Silva -

I don't understand how or why people could dislike this video/song
- Bill Fisch -

Dat red pill knowledge before red pill was even a term. This is true female nature at its finest right here. RIP Pac.
- Sparkz Mentalz -

Before I let her get me i got her went in her purse stole 100 dollars !! My favorite line in the song word !!
- Brandon Kollore -

she clickin lmao
- niniononous Mak -

this beat made by daz, kold fucking blooded. plus pacs lyrics killed it.
- Jay Dizzle -

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- Mike Powell -

Yo baby Yo, this song must listened on a boat in thé bosporus with captain clothes🌊☀️🌊🌀⚓⚓⚓. Yunnnow, Ahmet ertegun was Da G of all G's. Thé doctor of East and West coast. Scandalous
- errol mehmetoglou -

Real legend
- Roman Gavrilov -

Some Bitches are so scandalous in 2019 😂
- Jaylib247 -

Thank u daz for this awesome beat🚀🚀🚀😴😴😴
- mind blowing -

Good old daze of 2005
- C K -

In bricki
- Omarr Koroma -

The poster was trash
- Omarr Koroma -

- Omarr Koroma -