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Good summer 2019
- lucas la gashetaaah -

Rip tecca
- Rocio Rodriguez -

- Eloi Boubou -

Good sont
- Eloi Boubou -

Bravo good job
- Eloi Boubou -

- greedy genius -

Hey but you know that you are copy with wrighting lil tecca and that’s probably because you have no skill-just kidding but you shouldn’t copy wright
- kayla sallinger -

he is the best rapper
- Bashier Sheppard -

Japan: let’s bomb America
Me in America: uno reverse card
Japan: fuck this shit I’m out
- Jakesplace1 -

jk i would appreciate some love tho 🤣😁😁👍❤
- S4MY ALB -

what bout asian (joke)
- Emtenan Elshawesh -

Brandon12 hi
- Brandon Lambert -

Lil:Tecca I got black I got white what you want love Ransom alsom
- john w Stuckey -

Me:Can i get a chicken?

Store owner: I got black i got white watchu want?
- DerekStories -

1:11 there is a mistake
- Jared Smith -

Me- hi can I have a slushy lil tecca- I got red I got blue whatcha want?
- Michael Deangelis -

I love this song
- Keith's Hodgkin -

0:23 is they want some not a song
- Riad Gamez -

Nice rapping
- Eclipse Slaze -

- Brandon Lambert -