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Cantrell! The Prophet of 90s Guitar

Jolly Crossed
- Überweiss -

Jerry had too much coffee the day of that interview
- José Arturo Fonseca Atacho -

check the dime shirt
- Chris green -

Kahler baby! Yeah bruh! ...put one on my kit built Paul back in '83 or so, bc you didn't have to cut a big ass thru cavity. Floyd who?

What's he doing in the SJW video with the purple haired monster? Are they your kids? Complete disrespect.
- Luke Garcia -

Jerry Cantrell.....what can I say about this man?He's got it all without the "iconic rock star" attitude. Hes down to earth, easy going,very personable, he's got the best laugh ans my I say he has the voice of an angel!!!!! I adore this man!
- Cynthia Uaisele -

Interesting that its not mesa/peavey/evh, and not axefx. Always wondered who actually uses friedmans, bogners, engls etc aside from reviewers
- Fredrik Svärd -

Why does that dude keep talking over God?
- Jc Pasley -

This interview is very frustrating with Bowcot constantly interrupting. Let Jerry speak and lead the discussion.
- mooseknuckle96 -

jerry is one of my main inspirations
- Quagmire -

They wanted way too much money for it and I couldnt get it? Is he not making money??
- Fortnum Sound -

I think this is quite laughable Jerry...I could run circles around you with my tele and straight up Yamaha T-100
- Scott Kelley -

Looks like Jerry's got his whole rig in the dressing rm! LOL!
- Mike Raia -

he is responsable for 50% of Alice in Chains' sound
- Gian Maria Berello -

I have never ever came across a comment where someone has abused Jerry or chatted shit about him EVER
- BIMSY 657 -

Hey Jerry I hope I'm not interrupting anything. I'm talking with friends of mine and we were thinking that it would be awesome for you to have a radio station. You are 1 of the best and know all about the other grunge bands there too. I'm just putting that out there I'm sure people are trying to get you to do stuff all the time
- Brian Smith -

Props to this interviewer for knowing his stuff. This was one of the best gear related interviews I've ever seen.
- John Nugent -

Yes a guitar legend Lord of the Riffs ❤️🎶🎸
- Jennifer Newcomb -

Dude! Take them guitars out of that fly case! Show us that candy! Jerry is indeed a very cool guy.
- Marco L -