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Man is it just me or does paul sound excalety like Jeff goldblum.for real. Weird
- gordon bezanson -

Paul Gilbert is freaking fascinating and utterly charming.
- Rodador24 -

PG, you are the man!! Always inspiring!!
- kenminerva -

Was amazed by his talent, and now I'm more floored by his song knowledge.
- DigitalRanger -

What a great dude
- Mr.SmithGNR Smith -

The Captain and Tennille still rules
- Rik Dusk -

Paul es un tipo súper sencillo. Un abrazo loco!!
- Simon Andres Menardo -

Love YRO. favorite song with him in it
- It'z Wulfzy -

Imaging being 6 years old and able to say... "I am only six, I can wait."!
- Philip Chanidis -

- Jim Vento -

Captain meets slash
- Alfie Slade -

Hey it's me Purple from 1987 ( musicians Institute *first V.I.T. grad ) Your playing my purple neck ! 😈
- John Jewel -

I could listen to Paul Gilbert talk about gear and guitars all day.
- Jason Gooding -

I love Paul Gilbert he is such a inspiring Guy

Hay Lee how’s your thumb fretting now?
- TheTimmytoad -

Im super fan of you Gilbert.
- Pippen -

Paul is awesome and humble, what a great combination
- Blackzat Z -

😂can Paul have a conversation without his guitar?
- TheTimmytoad -

I’d love to hear Gilbert and Govan sit and just TALK guitar. They can play, but only in 10 second spurts and only to convey the love for a song or explain a phrase of a song that’s not one of their songs. I’d pay lots of dough to sit in on that!
- Thelajets -

I'm just going to give up the guitar! Dammit!!
- William Sessions -