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I feel much better now, thank you.
- Rick Van Heerden -

That funk, and Raw sound got me 🍌💦
- Eder Perez -

- Henry Griffen -

In around 2 months this album will be 50 years old. This utterly timeless masterpiece, likely my top record of all time.
- Killval -

Demons play good shit.
- Jose Ignacio Letona Aguilar -

Someone answer that phone!! Im expecting a call from the Funhouse!!
- Eric Wade -

Grow a pair bud that's what's wrong with people these days bunch if pussies
- Ryan Woodcock -

Listening to this album makes you immune to Coronavirus
- Edward Bliss -

Best album of all time.
- Jim H -

Esta música es un rugido de principio a fin
- Edgar Ruiz Garza -

Maybe it's only because I heard it first, but I've always preferred the original vinyl recording; to me, it has a flat, sinister quality the remasters don't. It sounds scarier and darker somehow.
- LexLohengrin -

Th estooges have a great sound
- William Strother -

And on The Sax, Mr. Steven Mackay
- Đanfranko Geza Martinčić -

It's sad how late in The life they got recognized, 70s and especially 80s were agonizing for Ashton brothers. Dave took anOD, only Iggy had kinda of career.
- Đanfranko Geza Martinčić -

Don Gallucci, THE PRODUCER! Anyway, he jad no tough job when he had this ultra great songs. The 70s started just right
- Đanfranko Geza Martinčić -

almost fifty years ago, and this album keeps deserving words
- Aston Wirz -

I fucking love the Stooges. And the Stones. And music in general. 🏜🤘
- Kato Produktions -

Fuck yes
- Pietro Pes -

A pure masterpiece "dirt" one of the greatest pieces ever composed
- Norman Bates -

Awesome album!
- MrSeezero -