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Jim Morrison on crack
- Charles Weeks -

about to light some junt on da stooges yeeeeee
- Brandon Hofmann -

super nice
- Nicos Nicholas -

- Steffen Hanner -
- gangagaaar gangle -

Don't know where the below comment came from. Must be the intoxicants. One of the great albums though, and I hope it's played in Heaven. It deserves to be played everywhere. Apologies to any abused children though, I should consider my comments before I post them. Not a subject to be made fun of. Once again, apologies to any victims. May the bastards burn for eternity. I hope that you find peace.
- theonlydogknees Dogknees -

Father O'Leary told me that they play this in Heaven. Then he made a grab at my cock. Do they still play it there?
- theonlydogknees Dogknees -

Iggy is the KING
- Carrie Juska -

This Album is like an exotic whore...
- Last Bohemian -

131 people who disliked must be a fan of the current wave of late 2010s/early 2020s pop trollops AKA Attention-Whores who dont know what talent is if it hit em in the face 10x over.
- The Mad MGTOW -

Saudações brasileiras 🇧🇷🤘
- Pedro Costa -

españa 2019 mis camaradas no tienen ni idea de music
- Raul r -

my favorite album
- indo popstar -

- Carla venero -

- Jack Smith -

I don’t give a lumberjack’s fuck what anybody says! THIS album is one of the most underrated piece of music ever recorded! Ann Arbor, Michigan’s finest!(Same town that produced Bob Seger)!
- Breaker Bill -

As a Michigander. This is some of the greatest music to come from this State. Honest and Truthful!! No B.S.!!!
- Todd Noble -

Everyday I listen to this album and I keep forgetting the description times are wrongs
- Merki -

i'm getting restless 16 minutes in on the slow tune----Pop's best to me is "Lust For Life."------or maybe not----the next tune is smokin'---especially w/ sax
- lifesoboring1 -

Still dig this album 34 years on!!
- Steve Bello -