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Impressionante...puta rock,bons tempos.
- Josรฉ Rocha -

just discovered this jewel , incredible sound , great music
- rafitoize -

Iggy Pop, Mott the Hoople, Bowie and Jim Carroll burrito.
- Nick Noneya -

Best fucking record ever fucking recorded. Fuck off.
- Mark Turmel -

I'm sitting in front of my stereo playing this loud. My cat jumps up on my lap to listen with me. His name is Iggy.
- Joe Anderson -

- EsotericOccultist -

- Morgan Voice Coaching -

I must thank the person who posted this. It means a great deal to me. I am from SE Michigan. I have met this Jim dude. Nice, very nice person. It ain't like he's special, except; he is.
- john emeigh -

Great bass player....been ytryin" to find another.....long time.....
- James Ballard -

Holy fuvk this kaos I cant stop..holy shit wow

This is fuckin wikked
What happens when go back to Milk Cartonโšกโšก

The rhythm section on this album is the best in rock history!
- Thomas Beech -

I was heavily into punk, and the origins of it in my youth. I'm playing this on headphones crossing the bridge of my town. I get back to class and one of the students tells me 'I could hear it on the other side of the bridge with the cars going by'
- Bob Saget -

Thanks so much.
- Jessie Cairo -

- Pablo Andrรฉs Rodrigo Barrios Jorquera -

- El Touc -

Iggy is and always has been a real artist. Nobody can fuck with Funhouse
- chamberlandfill -

"Loose" reminds me of the MC5's Kick out the Jams a bit. Fucks over today's shit.
- Pointless Peasant -

Iggy invented punk, you Douchebag!
- Jacobi Mattheson -

- Vanei Pontes -