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Whats the tuning for this?
- scott473 -

who's got lighter??
- Bob McAlister -

- Bob McAlister -

OK, this is good..
- NickJohnston -

Love this so much. Timing is of the essence. And John 5 has it. So beautiful.
- Mother Metal -

John should really collaborate with Brad Paisley and other country artists who play with lots of melody like John does.
- Strick nine -

There are very few songs that give me peace like this one. This is one of the songs I want to hear when it is my time to cross over.
- Franki Santos -

I have no words ....
- Dave Cope -

I need to know if this is standard tunning, I can't reach the f# on 1st string
- Pedro Arzamendia -

- wl357 -

Good night 😪
- Josefina Sanchez -

He hit the harmonic and bent the note like butter cmon
- Soup Sandwich -

Hell of a talented guy.
- Chris Floyd -

This man is Amazing!!,he Made the sound of a steel pedal guitar ,with just a tele
- José Ernesto Rodríguez -

Either he has make up on or hes pasty af
- White Recluse -

Damn I don't know how I missed this. Very good.
- dopeymark -

Genius masterpiece
- john chisholm -

It's all the shit he's doing in between what's he's doing that makes it so sweet! Ya dig
- Stray Stone -

He's such an amazing player...
- Joe Bolick -

John your amazing ✌
- James 1967 -