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One of the greatest band and song.

The best lyrics ever
- Patricia Actis -

U hold a gun and I hold the wound we stand looking in each others eyes it all looks fine to the naked eyes but it dont really happen that way at all no no dont happen that way at all u sign your own name and i sign mine there both the same but we still get separate rooms u can cover up your guts but when u cover up your nuts your admitting there must be something wrong Go Who Go
- John Yacuone -

Such a brilliant song preformed by such a brilliant band...Who else...
- Joseph King -

We're not pawns in any game
Not tools of bigger men
- Rogell Paradox -

Sick song
- T G -

Who came here because of A Subtle Knife
- GeorgeP -

first time i heard this it was a journy a pitty it was dropped from whos next a lifehouse
- 234cheech -

On this song, Keith Moon hit the notes with perfection on power. He realised it Townshend greatest and the most total hetro sexual song. Moons performance here equals James honeyman as axeman to Chrisie Hynde. This is genius and everything and his commitment is total
- Frederick Miles -

The Who "Great Stuff"!!!
- Tim Williams -

- Jonsey Fuller -

When I first heard this song near the end of "Odds & Sods" I thought, "What a gift!"
- Freddy Cellophane -

There are true moments of greatness in rock and roll but I defy any band to beat this.... considering this wasn't one of their most well known fuucking good is it!!!! The most sweat sounding era of the who. If you get chance....put on some quality earphones and try to block everything out except John Entwistle...... it's bloody genius.
- MrMassivefavour -

Pete called this his ''hippy song.''
- 93Q Ketq -

the band is at the best... here.....oops... wheres Roger....???
- Thomas -

I seem to remember Roger said this was always one of his favourite Who songs.
- The Paranoid Blues Man -

Best song they wrote in my opinion. And I love all of em!!!
- Kevin Mcnamara -

Pete can reuse themes like no one else. Master! Some of this sounds like "The Underture" I think. This must be awesome live!
- Joe Postove -

Hope they play it to dead, the same way they have overplayed other songs. This song was originally recorded in 1970 at Pete s' studio along with "Water", "Postcard" and a first version (released only in Japan), of "I Don't Even Know Myself". Plus "I am a Farmer", "Heaven and Hell", The Seeker" and "Here For More". They had enough songs for a 9 song album.
- Luileadolfo -

Naked Eye, what to say other than this song has such a deep seeded place in my heart and speaks to me everytime I listen to it. The wording is perfect and it and does not fall short of the genius of the Who, it exceeds. Thank you Pete, you have written an anthem for people such as me.
- Joanne Shakespeare -