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- Tina Stanley -

I know this song for many years, I've never been fully listening to what she is actually saying. Today, maybe, I understand today that it is the day to stop running and just enjoy the ride.
- Andrei Cojocea -

Imádom ezt a számot !!!
- Orsolya Prekopa -

Just discovered this soothes and inspires as good as these comments below from 11 years ago.
- Jerry Hendershot -

Who is the singer?
- Daniel Hilst Selli -

- Orbital -

downvoted for putting ads on an artist's music. also getting three words wrong.
- Dusty Black -

В первых же словах четко услышала "що таке це сонце"))думала на укр-м петь будут)
- Nadia Laguta -

Great song I love it
- zakarota1985 -

Omg, 11 years have past since this was uploaded
- domenigo97 -

Awesome song!
- Lauren Greenwood -

i wish to show this song to all those annoying protagonists/antagonists seeking for revenge.
though i dont mind the interesting ones
- Valeria paulette Quiroga -

Check out my male cover! :D

Check out my male cover! :D

- Работа В Кремле -

today is gonna b fun I am in a prison run by sociopathic alien mofos so I match the son with the sun and die I hate oh how I hate slavery and willing slavesgo eat shit but I eat the wavy lines of the psilocibe they jack me up with clopixol and seudo cannabis and diazepam to control
- daymaan angelle -

morcheeba love! <3
- As We Enter -

- Emir Velic -

- dokvir -

- dokvir -