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A epic Monster of Hell! ! !
- frank hofmann -

- Constanza Silva -

The Pinnacle of music
- Liberty not Democracy -

Just Perfect
- Mr. Rock -

nobody could touch Dio
- Robert Schmitt -

The god of heavy metal the Duke
- Jennifer c Montelongo -

There seems to be a connection to Light in the Black and maybe Man On the Silver Mountain. Allow me to explain.

The Man on the Silver Mountain is about the Wizard being revered as holy again by the people, one of whom is the slave who built his Tower. "Someone screaming my name, come and make me holy again", "I'm the sun, I'm the sun, I can move I can run, but you can't stop me burning." "I'm the day, I'm the day", etc. To me, these are the words of an arrogant Wizard who revels in his hubris derived from his powers. At the end of Stargazer, that same slave who worshiped the Wizard is going home, disillusioned from his old faith.. From Light In the Black: "Can't forget his face, such a lonely place, did he really let us go?" The slave can't keep the image of the Wizard's face, either before or after his fall, from his mind, and is in disbelief that the Wizard really would "let him" leave, even while dead. "Something's holding me back, there's a light in the black." When I first heard that line, I thought it was referring to the "Light at the end of the tunnel" that people often see during near-death experiences, but seeing it through the lens of the Man/Stargazer/Light trio, a Light In the Black could just as easily be a familiar star to use to find home.

With how many fantasy songs have been made by Rainbow/Dio, I wonder if it's at all too far fetched to hypothesize if there's a unifying story? A Dio Mythos, perhaps?
- Benjamin Swanson -

Dios vocals sound a lot clearer than my old cd. Great stuff!
- vntr2006 -

Si es oscuro pero no me parece para nada pesado tiene las estructuras de lo que llamamos heavy metal pero con riffs muy limpios sin distorcion gran clasico del rock lastima que ahora casi todo lo que es rock y metal distorcionan exageradamente las guitarras y bajo hasta en las power baladas.
- Larguirucho Jujujajujaju -

- annajulia ify -

live version in munich is the real deal..
- Martin Otto -

Ta sol籀wka gitary porywa do nieba,i nagle rzuca na glebe
- Beniamin Cielak -

What metal should have been. Heavy, melodic, thought provoking. Instead it turned into a loudest/fastest contest.
- Frank Fitzgerald -

Why was this magnificent classic, not broadcast until a few years ago. I do not remember Tommy Vance every playing this in the 80s. The ending is cosmic!!!
- adrian collings -

First time listener. I just experienced a very unexpected and profound range of emotions and feelings. A true work of art... RIP RJD
- SpeLLBounD BYtheDEVIL -

T瓣m瓣 on kommenttini
- Heini Marianne Reis -

- Heini Marianne Reis -

The Album cover is so hypnotic as you listen to it.
- Glenn Thornton -

when i listen to Rainbow so does my neighbours
- Locals Only -

- Jack Bauer -