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Это божественно
- Танзиля Малкандуева -

These guys were so ahead of their time, and this song is just the best.
P.S. It sounds better on vinyl if you get the chance, I highly recommend it.
- R Schmidt -

Good song, great guitar playing, but awful drumming from the worst drummer in rock history, no feeling around him, no swing, only brutal thundering. Cozy Powell was atrocious!
- thomas dürst -

- 최대한 -

So can we call bands like rainbow, Judas preist, and etc fantasy metal?
- Mason Kolmetz -

BUT WHY??????

- Nick George -

This is the highest point that hard rock can reach - lyrically, sonically. A larger-than-life tale 'performed' by larger-than-life musicians. Even a hundred years from now, Stargazer will remain a benchmark. An unattainable peak.
- Shridhar G S -

Привет от России
- Марина Кретц -

OMG ! Thank you - soooo much !
time has passed and I forgot how much I love this song
- Rachel Valton -

Ronnie James Dio ... Little Big Man , little man but big voice ...
- Jean Michel Dupuy -

Master piece
- Juan Sandoval -

- Afroditi Kesidou -

Did I mention I painted this on my bed room wall when I was 13? My mom came in and went wow that’s pretty! I was like yo mom it’s hard rock and she said no it’s a rainbow. And I turned on stargazer in my tape player and she said he’s got a great voice. Mom stepped up in the hero section that day!!! The ultimate line upright here! Long live rock n roll !
- Kevin Mcnamara -

- Adrian Romo -

James Dio ✌✌✌✌
- alcatrazz alcatrazz -

Miss you Ronnie.
- John Howerton -

Tower of babel , or baal
Sumarian song if there ever was one
- Molon Labe -

Song gets cozy with greatness
- Molon Labe -

My ears bleeding! ! !
- frank hofmann -