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I feel i took a Huge liking to this Song cause of Tupac . A modern rapper paying homage to a Legend . Thats what i call Evolution
- Daren Gaming -

Lil baby the bigger picture vs wishing for a hero polo g like if polo comment for lil baby
- Imgoated Youtube -

If this doesn't get Grammy Nominated, the Grammy's are rigged.
- Robloxian_Safari201 -

I’m sorry but he said “if you ain’t my color you don’t know the struggle” so all the Mexican and the Muslim that go trow the same stuff don’t know the struggle
- Farshad Yasini -

Protect Polo G at all costs...he can’t die yet
Too much of a Legend and a G.O.A.T
“Cops kill us, Then we protest, What type of shit is that, Man, If the police shoot one of my brothers, Im blickin back”
After this hit, a horror death appeared
R.I.P George Floyd
- ぬKualtation- -Roblox -

This my favorite male rapper yall,I wish I could meet him 1 day,I really look up to him
- Cece Seg -

Polo g is really a whole legend🐐✊🔥like I'm glad to walk the earth at the same time is him
- Cece Seg -

My man polo you're a legend
- Robert Montesinos -

i wouldn't call him pac but he a product of his music 💯
- Travonte Sellars -

I can't say him a goat right but he's gonna be goat maybe in 2-3 years

Honestly polo g isn’t even a rapper he’s a poet and a real lyricist
- King Of Kings -

The young 2pac he speaks real facts❤ i love all his songs💯
- Jordan Reactt -

oh my 2:33 hit hard
- Garry Mod -

Yo bro you slay man....respect i mean really polo g cant make a bad song at all he is a real legend...The G.O.A.T🙏🐐
- Χάρις Πλουτάρχου -

The 2pac of this generation
- RunDownFatz • -

BLM but did any body see king von
- Corey Lowe -

Rip 2 pac
- Gad Maronko -

I think he got it from 2pac
- OpO Clipz -

- Makea Maro -

This man is hearting comments bro we don’t deserve him❤️
- yung. cii -