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Super chanson, respect, Fabrice fuchs de holving
- Christiane Fuchs -

Incredible sound,great production.
- Jerry Marshall -

Finally, a video that does this song justice. Thanks!
- R Felger -

Good Times n Fun...
- Ron Berringer -

My jam along with The Smoke Is Going Down
- jumpfart666 - CD s scratched..
- Richard Solis -

Excellent song written by Michael Schenker
- Ian Darnbrough -

actually shows the range the group had/has very cool track
- Edward Scott -

For me personally this is my Favorite Scorpions song.
- Robert Touchstone -

- extra solar -

Loved it. Thank You.
- Steve Ramshaw -

- martin tapia gomez -

You make the most marvelous videos and I've loved every! one! but this...
answers an unspoken request
such a gift ~ gratitude!
- misstreebird -

The best song
- juan carvajal -

Good;very good
- Karim Aouchiche -

Longing for the sun
- Permagrin187 -

Nice work!! great music and video.thumbs up
- Zee Dot -

Formidable ballade.....
- Dewailly Gilles -

They were definitely hitting on all cylinders at this point in their career, great album, great band.
- Kent Mains -

As expected, one of the best..I  said it before and i will say it again....GREAT TASTE IN MUSIC  my friend !!! Thanks again