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Y’all just really hating on Beyoncé she has her own forte if they didn’t like her voice they shouldn’t have cast her they know what they getting into Beyoncé showed strength in her voice that y that cast her I think she made the song beautiful she hasn’t ruined just added her own seasoning
- Steph Naris -

Scar FROM bad guys bruh
- johnny zeolla Zeolla -

music soothes my soul........ hats off to such great art
- Michelle Muchina -

can't finish the song, too much cringes. Beyonce's voice isn't fit for the song. it is a duet. not a solo. donald isn't even competing but Beyonce was like, i am taking this all. alllllll of it tuuuunniighhtt
- morph alucard chua -

It's honestly, i was wating Simba pull Nala in the water... I'm disappointed
- tigre fofo -

“The king I seeee inSiiiiiiiiiiiDDdddeeeee”
- Lois Telfer -

I love disney's movie before and after in my childhood and my adult moments.
- Febrian Ratnanto Hadi S -

Has to be vote the worst song in 2019 and worst remake song in Disney history.
- Zaya pedro -

How come the original is almost always better then new versions? LOL
- Vou Xiong -

read the second sentence.
- BloxWatch IsHere -

I feel goosebumps by listening it again and again❤
- Tercy Carl Edmond -

beyonce is amazing <3 who agree with me? <3
- David Giunashvili -

What did you do to Timon and Pumba?

This is AWFUL!
- Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe -

After watching Lion King in theater, i downloaded all the soundtracks again ❤️
- REEposting YT -

Stop dissing beyonce
- Hamna Iqbal -

The original was set in daylight too so quit bitching about it for the love of God.
- Nick Daskis -

My opinion is that it was way too show boated and less feeling. I hated it compared to the original.
- SuspectGaming Damian Heidingsfelder -

Beautiful who cares about the haters😍😍😍
- German Sojo Pagan -

the movie in theaters was great !
- Itsyogaminggirl_ Beyonca -

I love this song😍😍😍😍
- Ian Baoy -