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This is shit compared to Elton John
- Alex GV -

Can you feel the autotune tonight?
- vampire fan 1958 -

Ok ok Beyoncé is good an al she definitely was the right singer for this song but I think they should have gotten someone else to talk as Nala it don’t seem like her
- Kathrina Parker -

- JOe - C4 -
Watch this Disney video, it’s amazing 🤯🤩
- René Sánchez -

- Indiana Bersi -

Beyoncé is so good at singing I could near her voice and then I was like yep that’s her x
- mya bevan -

The beginning sounds like the song from Titanic lol
- Faith -

I cannot believe how gifted beyonce is. The song is just a masterpiece thought her voice
- Γλυκερία Θ. -

- Valentina -

Both of these guys are amazing singers, and Donald, Billy, and Seth Rogan saved this movie, but whoever suggested that they sing a duet was on drugs.
- Dominic Hoover -

Los invito a escuchar mi propia versión en Español de ¨Can You Feel The Love Tonight¨: @9rVw
Gracias por compartir!!
- Marcelo Radomski -

The orignal elton jhon and the woman sang with a choir in the part where they sang as a duet in the new one so ppl complaing kindly stfu
- Leslieann Phillip -

- tulasiramesh chundru -

- tulasiramesh chundru -

Ok it’s a good song but why is it played during the day in this film?
- Jarod 1999 -

I always found this song extremely annoying. The lyrics are generic and I always have this feeling that the lyrics don't fit in the music in terms of synchronisation and length, it's like the words run a 100m race to catch up with the music. But to be fair the original is far worse
- Vesper92 -

Beyonce gets more into it as the song goes on and at the end it’s not even Donald anymore😂😂😂 but seriously her voice is beautiful
- Alic 305 -

can you feel the love tonight
- Viviane Soares -

Can you feel the love this afternoon....
- Panic Productions -