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why does this remind me of los santos rock in gta
- Alex Marino -

My last 6 pack of T.P. brought me here.
- Don Dobbs -

The fun loving nature of the song is lost in this version. Unfortunately. amjmetaltomotown
- Al Mojica,Jr. -

kick ass!
- Deidre R -

" i need to get fucked" lol great ending
- Marco Blanco -

The opening bass riff is the first thing that comes to mind whenever Black Flag is mentioned.
- evanisovich -

- John Delmos -

I though this song was about having a stomach six pack until my mother told me it’s about drinking🥺
- Kamiyah Bracey -

I just smashed my tv. Not cool but I’m happy in the moment
- Alex Murray -

Drinking a 6 pack is bad. Gotta drink 2 of those 6 packs, kids
- Chris O'Driscoll -

- Cross Nears -

Fun drinking game take a drink or shot of beer every time you hear "six pack"
- David Gutierrez -

I have a caguama.
- Leonardo Vega -

As long as it's after your shift I don't care what you do
- Job Site Supervisor -

- Elliot Ambrozich -

2020 and I’m still spinning this 👊🏼
- Music And Coffee -

- Oscar Lista -

You can tell these guys weren't into drinking cuz a real alchie definitely has more than a sixer laying around
- SnazzyBlumpkin -

Sid's back!
- Alexander Tootal -

- Jorge Luis -