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Whenever I'm up for a good laugh I always come back to this one😂
- the3-dkiller1 -

Thought nick was wearing a hard hat after looking at the video thumbnail
- Justin Brown -

The anti-bonamassa
- fudge budge -

Squier is about to reissue the Super-Sonic.
- morbido13 -

He has a unique "plucky" way of playing. That's the best way I can describe it.
- Anthony Hernandez -

Wait you mean his name ISN'T "Tera Melos"?

Wait you mean his name ISN'T "Tera Melos"?

Wait you mean his name ISN'T "Tera Melos"?

this is the most unpredictable rig rundown i’ve ever seen
- Cole Hallman -

shoutout to that 80s ibanez chorus
- Adam Smith -

13:05 lol
- Sleeping childhood -

someone tell this idiot to stop this annoying uptalk all the time. his trash gear i just wasted half an hour of my life seeing is enough for ppl to hate him without him sounding like a 2-digit-IQ'd california bimbo
- timmy timmah -

Great RR !! One Note: the GK pickups are NOT MIDI....they are "hex" or hexaphonic in nature. They pickup SIX signals, one per string. they send these six DISCRETE signals down the 13-pin cable to the device at the other end (several GR-series, VG-series, GP-10, OC20G and a few other devices). 

There is NO MIDI INVOLVED in most of those endpoint devices UNLESS you engage their "MIDI OUT" function, to drive/control another synth or FX device. The hex pickup, and the 13-pin, is the conduit for AUDIO, not data.

The 13-pin protocol is the six separate strings/audio, the regular guitar signal (all 6 strings together, as in 'time immemorial electric guitar out'), the other wires are for synth control, volume, phantom power etc. 

Just wanted to clarify that since I meet people ALL the time who get these and are then confused that they CAN'T PLUG RIGHT INTO MIDI 5-pin DIN etc. 

Otherwise -- awesome informative and fun Rundown! Carry on......
- Andre' Cholmondeley -

I know its no Nut November, but I've never came this early.
- Wafficus -

this is my second time watching one of my all-time fav Rig Rundown
- Manny Fragoza -

Kinda the modern version of the Butthole Surfers. Weird, freaky, ugly and amazing.
- K2A -

does the super sonic come in a lefty anyone know?. i guess it would look ok swapped around but the intonation is always out when you do me...any info would be appreciated as i'm struggling to find anything about it!!! even if i could find a lefty body i could just get a righty squire strat neck and it would be the same!!!
- SmittenTheKitteninMittens -

such a cool guy
- Cancer Söze -

Dude is a genius that’s a killer setup
- danieloux -

best rig rundown ever!
- Yan manson -