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Dayum snoop be looking fresh in this animation style
- ZT -

I feel like tik tokers are going to make a slow and reverb version of this
Edit: i already found one ;v;
- darkskies -

B1ack featurd singers in a band named Gorillaz> Dont let BLM hear about this. KNow wha im saying. Just sayin. Cheers
- Kelp Farming -

How the fuck you gonna cough up a whole octopus
- AC130 -

I just want to hear the song, dont want to see your stupid corporate animation.
- Jay Mausen -

It's so cool how the clips are connected, like that part on the shark submarine, is after the "Stylo" clip, so cool!!
- Luca505 -

i was and still am so in love with noodle in this
- morena sotelo -

like si buscas un comentario en español
- el campeon 320 op7 -

- The Alone G-Fan Girl -

Is it wired that I just realised these guys existed today lol
- Saderah Murray -

10 years. Has it really been that long??
Damn I feel old 😢
- Wally -

Was that snoop dog?
- Mr. Nobody -

¿Noodle? 0:12
- weon supremo -

this is my favourite song of all time
- Martha Formstone -

Llevo años escuchando esta canción, y recién me fijo que snoop dog sale en el minuto 2:11 jajaj
- Angel Paucar -

Хорошая песня, напоминает мою молодость....1 батальон, 3 морской корпус морских выдр под началом его генеральской залупы Виктора Федрыча Тимошенко. Много нас тогда полегло....но одно осталось во мне навсегда...это кусок торпеды в тазобедренной кости...спасибо за внимание
- Марина Попова -

Dude. Did I just see snoop dogg?
- Patrick Cameron -

is it ust me or does it feel like jack stauber and gorillaz would be perfect together?
- Shane Morris -

- A.C. B. ART -

0:15 the ship 2 leaked footage
- Leancrafter -