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Ty, best explanation I have seen
- Rick Miller -

so, you lied! You're actually a Tap Dancer!...Woohoo! Great lessons!
- Jim B -

dude, what a clear explanation! you're one of the rare instances where i subscribe from seeing 1 video
- Tesla Tang -

Muy perro mi chihuahua
- Ernesto Avelar -

Bravo! Good game!
The sound of a drum, like the rhythm of a heart!
Knock, boom, knock, boom, increases adrenaline zoom! )))
- Leo Pardus -

That's the problem with the primary foot slide technique. The notes are never perfectly even. QOS is all over the place. Larnell Lewis's technique destroys this. I'm having to unlearn 30 years of slide technique because I'm sick of my right foot limitations.
- Steven James Burks -

Eita pegaaaa toop lembra-se bateras unidos jamais serΓ£o vencidos πŸ₯πŸ‘
- Japao Batera drums! -

Very cool. I use heel toe but will try this. Also, how do you have the bass drum mic'd? It sounds awesome!
- Nando's Music and Recordings -

I think drums is more complicated than guitar i learn guitar 24 years ago on and off
- eldarjane lopezon -

This 'double' or pre note (on bass) sound good ONLY if the first hit is max 2/3 volume of the second! I program the first not at 64 velocity and the second at 112/116.
Terrific bass drum speed/technique Luke !!!. Independent and aggressive BD is the heart of drums!
- bass yamaha -

Good men :) thx
- arkonblackmoon -

This is all well and good, but can you play Bleed by meshuggah with this teq?
- reanimated6 -

Thanks. I have used that double tap/slide technique for years, but never thought of combining it with the left foot the way you did.
- Bryn Jones -

One peddleTwo toe picks dubble bass kicks correct?
- Elliott J -

Pati nyimak om
- Eka Yuliana -

You also need good equipment...a good bass pedal. A lot of these YT instructional videos never mention that if you are playing on a loose skin with no rebound, or a pedal that is not setup properly, or just not capable, it will be impossible to master the technique... upgrade your equipment, it makes a world of difference.
- Can Conservative -

Finally. A technique that works for my dumb ballerina feet. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
- Lauren Natasen -

Anybody else see the camera move when he kept hitting the bass?
- coffee now_ -

Thank you. Well explained.
- The Truth -

Should my thigh hurt when doing this?
- B Anele -