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Chicken in the door 😊
- Dawn Gentry -

Zz daddy appointment for the motel 👍
- Dawn Gentry -

What amazes me the most is the high social content present in the songs of this band. I was 15 yrs old when I first listened to them. Today I am 54 and still like it!
- Urgr8! -

I'm 6 and I listen black sabbath

One of the greatest old school rock songs of all time.
- Luke Dunn -

My kids think I am funny cuz I listen to every thing still my first love
- lori berg -

Children of tomorrow live in the tears that fall today.
- minfiresboi -

For all of those who want to argue between Pantera and Exhorder as who started groove metal...listen to this! Sabbath influenced them both and therefore they are the ones who influenced both. If not for Sabbath neither would have existed! And I'm a diehard Pantera fan but this is the foundation for all metal!
- fins fan13 -

It's so fucking good..
- Rudolph -

FUCKING Brilliant Music
- Aidan Smith -

Saw this live at Boston Opera House's little theatre in late 70s. Oh my god. Amazed the place didn't cave in.
- 37Dionysos -

Diablos esto si es rock del bueno bien pesado 🙏👍💪
- leo diaz -

Innovation in its purest form.
- Two in the chest -

Rebellion against your self
- PakleniVuk -

Yes I remember jamming and wondering how they interpreted Black Sabbath - Devil Worship. While those pointing fingers condone war and hate commiting heinous crimes in the name of God and country!!
- Elwood GreyBuffalo -

oh my fucking...
- junipper lee -

- Carlos Tche Tche -

Black sabbath>led zeppelin
- Riccardo Sciarra -

Who cares
- Rune Jorgensen -

I heard this song in 1976 I was 15, the kid from down the street had sold our souls album brought it over to my house I was immediately hooked. My parents didn’t understand this music especially when I started to buy Kiss albums lol! I absolutely still listen to all of this music!
- Tommy Cryan -