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Is it just me or is black sabbath the best rock band ever
- Jonathan Thorson -

This is the heaviest and darkest hippie song ever written!
- Platon Sergiu -

Does the beginning remind anyone else of the Dr Who theme song?
- Sherry Conner -

Try sprinting a mile to this
- Nemo the Fallen Angel -

Tony Motherfucking Iommi!
- Dark Blade -

Vigente hoy "atomic fear"
- Leandro Gil -

Ein echter "Fridays For Future" - Song ! Aber Spass beiseite : Dieser Rhythmus war das Beste in den 70igern . Heute immer noch so geil !
- Gisbert Reichhardt -

The heaviest opening in history
- Mark Verkaik -

Hard to believe they used to play blues music before they invented metal
- DIO brando -

you missed a couple lyrics early on..."pouring through"...

Minburday ism12971
- Mike Spiegelhalder -

A fool only realizes that he's a fool at the time of his death

I want 666 likes!
- Bolt Head Nuts -

The revolutions in our minds it cant dissapeare,
Theres Metal rain falling down with waves of fire and fear,
Yes they said this day would come the end times there so near,
And so the flames will burn bright as there snubbed out with our tears,
we might just burn the earth one day,
burn the earth one day,
And until that time comes the masses will take there time to pray,
as the children of the grave
we couldn't find a way,
Cause this war it's in our hearts we couldn't break our fate,
- Hunter Moore -

De retour à mon hochet après une mission de kicker à la porte, j'ai rechargé des chargeurs, mis en place un équipement assualt, cassé ma bouteille de dinde 101, monté la manivelle et caressé mes armes avec un nettoyage parfait !!
- Guns Saint19 -

Sad to known that they’re gone
- Thanissorn Borewornkorekeith -

They are all the great heavy at that time they are
- Thanissorn Borewornkorekeith -

Tony the great
- Thanissorn Borewornkorekeith -

best black sabbath song. even better than paranoid.
- tar kora -

- Larry Smith -