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I listen to black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne but I don't get the taste of the music but after one month of listening very carefully and I find it catchy
- wizarddemon 5000 -

Amazing , regal, wonderful, fucking real music if You guys are listening to this master piece your are Legends, we Will be here till the end of the times!!!!!🤟
- juan Diaz -

Cool as fuck
- Mr F -

Any youngsters. 14 here
- Joe Williams -

Got my copy for $0.50 at the flea market 1983 still listen to it today
- Michelle Hyles -

Children of the Grave 1971 masters of Reality picking up today at your local vinyl store
- Michelle Hyles -

pop is still being produced what about rock 😠😠😠😠
- Ava Hoey -

People didn't shun metal because it was evil, it was because it exposed the truth.
- Jacob Hernandez -

will have to read the Lyrics of Ozzy Mr Crowley now. It seemed many English musicians were trying to warn the rest of the world what was going on in the UK, but nobody listened.

Warren Zevon "Ware-wolves of London".

Pink Floyd, many songs about the Illuminati. They were probably all subjected to horrible things, and wrote lyrics to try to tell the rest of the world what was going on. But we were told their music was evil and not to listen to it. Makes me wonder.
- Neil Jerominek -

Fun fact:

Ur not watching this vid in full screen 😂
- Mustangman 747 -

Show the world that love is still alive you must be brave
Or you children of today are children of the grave, yeah..
- Eva Rose -

Greta should use this song
- Monman -

Still better then Lars :v
- Orsiloco -

The Bisto Kids were The Children of The Gravy lol
- Adrian Cooke -

Hey guys, listen to Children Of The Grave in a dark counrty version. I'm prowd of this cover. :-)
- leyzer87 -

Unfortunately ozzy we couldn't win the fight for peace and we disappeared
- Michael 99 -

Best Black Sabbath song, hands down.
- Mater Cicero -

there music intro will thrill
there paranoid used in kong skull island thrilled me even it is 50years song
lezends leaves clues ,pls use those clue for ur success guys
- Arvind Prajwal -

I woke up from a nightmare in a cold cold sweat my body riddled with fear my soul paralyzed All Around Me Doom and Gloom and regret Darkness blanket covered cloak I couldn't even see anything then I awoke am I alive and my dead so many Twisted thoughts but yet fear resides in my head my brain is pounding my heart rezoning so deep within my chest it feels like my head is on overload my heart will explode as I gasp for my last breath so I say this from me to you if you want to save your own life you must resurrect in the hatred you must reject unless you want to become Children of the Grave
- Richard Mattrella -

Voer Da Syl... En Mei/
- Lodewijk Rooij -