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Would they charge a commission fee for selling my own home?
- You 2 -

This video was very informative thanks
- Chris Afriyie -

I was here 10 months ago searching for a team to leveraging and helping my future partner. Looking back I was able to join a great team and was capped in 3 months and as of today I am an ICON agent now. Wohoo

How many closings have you had? How many active listings do you have? Can we see them?
- Natalie Green -

If you redact the word 'EXP', this could be a video for Amway or Herbalife or any other pyramid. over 70% of shares are owned by 2 people and the rest are shared between constantly growing "independent consultants", each share loses its value with each newly signed person. Ya'll making these videos "to explain EXP" to increase your downline.
- Natalie Green -

This sounds a lot like multi level marketing in a real estate format 🤔
- Samantha H. -

Love this one❗️
- Joe Benson -

How many deals have you closed since you've been with eXp?
- eBiz Miami, Inc. -

In CA the monthly "fee" is $149 per month..
- Mark Pedroza -

- Gilbo Realty -

You're not reading the small print. You're leaving a lot out such as if you leave the company you lose ALL your shares. The owner shares you speak of are a lower class nothing like the type investors infused cash rounds received. There are stipulations on those shares as well. Using their CRM and technology means that data belongs to them and they're selling your information to others.
If you're brand new, just starting out working from home, or via virtual office, this won't propel your career. The thing about EXP is everyone is out for themselves. At KW, if you become severely ill not only do those in your office rally to help you meet your needs and bills, but KW organization will freely donate a large amount of money to help you get by as well. EXP being virtual, you're not building lasting face-to-face friendships.
It reminds me of that Bruce Willis virtual movie where everyone hid living their lives in a phony virtual world. Read all the small print... if it sounds too good to be usually is unture.
- jerrym -

Anyone interested in becoming a Real Estate agent Get Pre-license here:
- Rodolfo Avalos -

Is this also for the state of Florida? How would I hang my license if this is online? How do we close on contract from online?
- Real Estate Billionarist -

Hmmm...looks like multi level marketing...sorta like Mary K does real estate.

Great video.
- Sean Cochran 630-330-2229 For Hire -

I'm interviewing at a few brokerage right now, just got my license. Is exp for new agents or only the experiences? As a new agent, training is the key in the beginning. I just learned about exp today, so I'll do a little more reading and see where it goes. Thanks in advance.
- Cyber Profiler -

I'm getting my license soon in the state of Connecticut. Any EXP resources in this state for support and mentoring a new agents? Any contacts to speak with?
- Paul Scillia -

The calculator seems to have vanished from exp websites. Anybody got a link that works?
- Rhonnie Smith -

Hi Jacqueline, great video! I too want to create a "short" version to pass along to people that may be interested in our brokerage.
- Jennifer Thomas -

Fathom Realty is Better (Agent Owned)
- Ruben Laviaga -