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Anyone seen my weed?
- Pac NWer -

BruH Why 2:00:00?
- ExtremersZ -

- MaiLo -

1:07:11 it said 'Hey!" and she looked lol
- Kain -

I wonder how much money in ad revenue this generates. It's got to be a decent amount
- Caleb -

Found this channel because of the channel I watch called thequartering . Love the anime and dope ass music!
- Bob M. Exodus77 -

what a complete waste of paper...she uses a new page before completing an entire one.
- Raihan Khan -

i have 2 essays due in 2 hours and i avent even started : (. Wish me luck
- Deeno -

this shit hitting just right. Enjoy your night
- Andrew Kost -

i was then i read this XD
- Rosemary Ann Christiansen -

- Relaxing - Chill Lofi -

will she ever finish studying?
- blueshade -

This should be 432hz
- fuck it -

Welcome back (I think) 👋
- Brandon-Todd Hutchinson -

Has anyone here ever watched the girl and her cat go through the actual transition from day to night vice versa? I can never seem to 🤷?♀️ It's just day or night whenever I listen to this live. Is it just me being curious?
- skullet24 -

She studied for a year straight.

But now it’s over.

It’s time to graduate.

But what’s that?

It’s another test.

Oh well,

-here we go again.
- Team SMSD -

She is trying to find Obama’s last name.
- inFlames -

shout-out all my left handed people
- Jay -

No wonder she's left handed
- School Editz -

Завезите лайкос