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yesssssssssssss oopsksksksksksksksk
- Jeremiah Braswell -

- Bob -

My boyfriend just passed away, and I remember listening to this song while he was alive and thinking of him, and telling him this song is like him, and how I can't wait to move in with him and that your my lover. Although it breaks my heart to hear this song, it reminds me how much I love him, and I always will. It's crazy how life has sudden acts of tradigy, but something I learned from Taylor Swift is to be strong and live life happily
- Miranda V -

Sounds very Mazzy Star!
- Sarah Wallace -

- Jhayro Salazar -

- Luna chan -

Was this song in a marvel movie?
- Wayne Wright Jr -

- Aimee Hoaire -

Aww I love this
- Jorge Sanchez -

Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift is a defining artist of this century
- Tim Shevy -

How can ONE make this happen? Maybe a Grand Gobal Wedding that might bring us all n earth another CHANCE to thrive on ! What do you say Tay?
- I AM -

Сегодня(сейчас) , случайно, узнал о Твоём ТВОРЧЕСТВЕ!!! SUPER!!! А Я был уверен, что " у вас" только "Britney Spears"... 4 (четыре) часа на одном дыхании! ТЫ ЛУЧШАЯ!!! СПАСИБО!
- Такси Босс -

- Santosh Singh -

This song is going for the Mazzy Star effect. I suggest all you TS fans listen to Flowers in December and see how really dreaming and haunting a song like this can be.
- Robert Bognar -

- Daw Khing -

so cute
- Aisha E -

- Weronika Jakubowska -

Taylor Swift is so gifted you can't put her in a box,she is somewhat like Elvis in that regard, slow songs,sad,happy,love in either country or pop!... She's THE REAL DEAL!
- Anthony Hunt -

2:20 is my favourite part <3333
- Cindy Flowencya -

my ex did a cover of this songs....he gave it to me and don't wanna post it here on YouTube....he left's all my fault....and now, everytime i listen to this song, i reminds me of him...all his precious memories...
- Bazziness -