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- Zaine Smith -

My wife LOVES this song!!!
- Bill Hathaway -

Bro this is complete garbage
- SSD_Bones -

- pro guitar -

I like this song
- Lucy Quintana -

Signs that Taylor might be getting married

1) forever and ever
2) I've loved you now honey I want them all
3) ladies and gentlemen will you please stand
4) I take this magnetic force of a man to be my love
5) sware to be over dematic and true
- Luna Gacha Studios -

Taylor Swift Music Evolution:
2005-2011: Making a songs about Having a Crush on someone.
2011-2016: Making a songs about her Ex.
2016-2018: Making a songs about her Haters and her Reputation.
2019-Present: Making a songs about her real Lover
- Ands Hiddleson -

Has a mazzy starr vibe
- Adrian Martinez -

that house reminds me of the album cover of In Colour by The Concretes. (curious if anyone gets that reference)
- darkguy555 -

Why am I only now hearing this song ?? I'm so in love with this song ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
- Jamall Beresford -

This is one of the coolest music videos i have ever seen. The symbolism and just the way everything is filmed is so deep and it's so beautiful. i LOVE it!!
- Colette Periard -

Came from channel which showcased the performance in Nov 11 of Taylor in China, this was one of the songs sang in that day, it's amazing,love from China
- Ken Yup -

We stand with you Taylor. We love you. You are so sweet
- Benjamin Ullmann -

- Martin Wolf -

This song is addicting!
- Xin Yi He Cen -

- Robert Schanbacher -

it really confused me at first that Taylor decided for the yellow gold dress in the red room, where in the other rooms she actually dressed according to the colours.. but after i heard daylight it made sense because she once believed love would be burning red, but it’s golden, like daylight
- M. Schweg. -

Playing the victim as always...
- Kira Isakova -

Just when I forgot about it, an ad for CATS of all things came up. Way to ruin my day.
- Samant Lingala -

Ok time to find a lover
- Jackiey Got Juice Not Tropicana -